143.4...Pizza or Salad?

I had my weekly sushi fix on Friday for lunch. I met some friends at Sushiya. My meal started with some green tea and miso soup.

IMG 7791

They brought everything together but I had the tuna, yellowtail and salmon nigiri. 

IMG 7792

The En Fuego Roll: 

IMG 7793

Shogun Roll:

IMG 7794


The fabulousness continued later that evening at a friend’s house for their monthly “wine club” event. You bring a bottle of wine and everyone gets to try each one. Sounds like my kind of event!

IMG 7815

We had pizza, cheese and crackers. Basically the perfect meal.

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 7800

My son was gone for the weekend for a school field trip. I took my daughter to run errands, get her nails done and have lunch at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. No pizza was had but I had the Tomato Basil Soup and small Chopped Chicken Salad instead.

IMG 7802

IMG 7803

My daughter had some friends over for a sleepover. I ordered Leucadia Pizza for them. While everyone enjoyed their pizza, I ate the Roasted Chicken Salad I ordered. 

IMG 7817

The pizza was very tempting but I was able to resist. I was not able to resist, however, the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins we got for one of her friends who recently celebrated her birthday.

IMG 7822

It was an extremely thin slice of cake but each bite was heavenly. I’m not the biggest ice cream fan but ice cream cake is a whole other story!

Today’s breakfast while the girls were eating pancakes:

IMG 7824

I took the girls to a birthday party. My husband picked up my son and I took him to Pei Wei for lunch. I had the kid’s size Honey Seared Steamed Shrimp with Brown Rice and Veggies:

IMG 7825

Tonight we are headed to Alicia’s for her famous pasta sauce which she is teaching me how to make. Happy Sunday!

What food did you say no to this weekend?

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