145.0...Epic Food, Boring Oscars

On Saturday we attended our school’s special gala to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the school. Before I went out, I snacked on some almonds so I wouldn’t be starving at the party. 

IMG 7735

The event was held in a private hanger at Montgomery Field. The space turned out spectacular! 

IMG 7756

The evening started with cocktails and appetizers. We brought our friends Yamia and Asaf along for the night.

IMG 7743

We sat down for dinner and the presentation. The tables were beautiful!

IMG 7746

Our meal started with a salad:

IMG 7747

Followed by the main course, in which I chose the fish.

IMG 7749

Dessert were little individual desserts at the table but I didn’t have any….I was too busy dancing. There was a great band and we danced the night away! Great event benefiting our school!

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 7750

My daughter went to a birthday party. After I picked her up, I took her to lunch at Red Robin. I ordered their cobb salad (minus the blue cheese) with lite ranch dressing on the side.

IMG 7752

Pretty decent salad.

Last night we went over to Alicia’s for hot wings and to watch the Oscars with some friends. I brought the salad:

IMG 7753

And Alicia made the wings:

IMG 7754

Epic meal.

IMG 7755

I thought the Oscars were boring….maybe it’s because I haven’t seen most of the movies? ;)

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 7758

After I took the kids to school, I went to Hardline class at the gym. That was followed by running errands, an appointment and lunch at Subway.

IMG 7759

Turkey avocado on wheat. I was impressed with the neatness of my sandwich today.

Tonight I need to pick up my son from basketball and that’s it. Simple.

Did you watch the Oscars? Thoughts? 

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  1. Not only was it boring, but so slow - I mean I think it was 90 minutes in before an acting award was awarded. You look great!


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