Eating My Way Through Deer Valley

Wednesday night before we left for Deer Valley, I made pasta and a salad for dinner. 

IMG 7351

We went to my son’s basketball game, then came home to go to bed.

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 7352

We went to the airport and boarded our plane for Utah. It was a beautiful view right before we landed in Salt Lake City.

IMG 7361

We got our rental car and headed to Deer Valley. We stopped at Squatters Roadhouse Gill & Pub for lunch. My husband and I split the hot wings. They were on point.

IMG 7362

 I ordered the Ground Ahi Burger (orca bay yellowfin tuna ground with fresh herbs and spices, with pico de gallo, cilantro cabbage, avocado and wasabi aioli):

IMG 7364

The burger was delicious. The fries weren’t anything to write home about. 

After lunch, we stopped at the grocery store for some breakfast items and snacks and headed to our rental home in Deer Valley.

The rest of our family arrived and I set out some appetizers: chips, dips, cheese and crackers.

IMG 7366

We called in for pizza and salad from Mangia Neapolitan Pizzeria

IMG 7367

The pizza was pretty good but would have been better fresh. I would definitely try it again….maybe going into eat at the restaurant next time.

Friday morning’s breakfast was toast with peanut butter.

IMG 7370

We had Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the house so I had to have some of that too.

IMG 7371

Everyone was out skiing for the day except for my two sisters in law so we went to our favorite sushi restaurant here, Yuki Yama

We shared a ton of sushi. 

Salmon Nigiri: 

IMG 7374

From left to right:

Bruce Lee Roy Roll (spicy albacore, avocado, shishitos, topped with lightly seared wagyu beef, crispy shallots, green onion, black sea salt, truffle garlic ponzu)

Jupiter Access Roll (tempura shrimp, cucumber, lemon zest, sriracha, topped with yellowtail and albacore, spicy ponzu)

Chiller Roll (tuna, cucumber, topped with albacore, lemon, tempura green onion, serrano chilis, red pepper threads, with jalapeño vinaigrette)

Green Hornet Roll (spicy tuna, tempura shishito peppers, avocado, topped with cilantro jalapeño aioli)

IMG 7375

The Green Hornet was our least favorite (boring) with the Jupiter Access being the best.

We also ordered the Crispy Tuna Tartare (finely minced tuna, spicy seasoning, crispy rice, shiso, tobiko, avocado with eel sauce):

IMG 7376

Yum! But very filling!

Lastly, we ordered the Hamachi Carpaccio: 

IMG 7377

This was fabulous!! Such an excellent lunch!

We got a sitter for the kids then we went to Chimayo for dinner. We split the Guacamole Azteca:

IMG 7378

The guacamole was delicious.

I ordered the London Broil of Elk (seasoned with toasted black peppercorns and sesame seeds; bacon and potato quesadilla, asparagus tips, green chile béarnaise):

IMG 7379

Really delicious! I’m not sure if I’d had elk before but I really enjoyed it. I think overall everyone enjoyed the restaurant.

Breakfast Saturday morning was half a bagel with onion & chive cream cheese.

IMG 7381

Had to have more cereal again.

IMG 7382

We went back to lunch at Yuki Yama. Yes, it’s that good. 

IMG 7384

IMG 7385

IMG 7387

IMG 7388

I will miss this place.

Dinner was at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. We split a Hot & Spicy Southwest Burrito Pizza (grilled chicken breast marinated in lime and herbs plus fire roasted chiles, jalapeño peppers, red onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses):

IMG 7391

It was super spicy and delicious. Loved it!

Breakfast today:

IMG 7392

Happy Valentine’s Day by the way!

Today was the first day it snowed. I really don’t like the cold.

IMG 7396

At all. After everyone left to go skiing, my two sisters in law and I went to Stein Eriksen Lodge for their famous Sunday brunch. It started off in the right way:

IMG 7398

Their buffet looked pretty good. They had everything you could think of.

IMG 7406

Wild game chili: 

IMG 7408

Honey Maple Bacon…probably the best bacon I’ve had in my life.

IMG 7410

Everything else was just ok. Have to say that their bunch was definitely over rated. Although, their dessert selection was mind-blowing.

IMG 7401

IMG 7402

IMG 7404

IMG 7403

IMG 7405

I decided to try the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Chocolate Creme Brûlée and their homemade Oreos:

IMG 7411

The bread pudding was delicious, the rest so-so. Oh well.

 Tonight we will be eating at home: taco bar! Tomorrow we head home. Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!

Any big Valentine’s plans?

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