Around 11:00AM this morning, a fire broke out near my neighborhood. It spread fast and by the time I got home around 2:00PM, this is what it looked like from my front door:

IMG 6714

As of now, things are looking a lot better here but the fire is still burning in nearby areas. Prayers for all the families and firefighters in harm's way! 

Last night, I made my favorite easy dinner: spaghetti and salad. 

IMG 6699

IMG 6700

I usually make this meal when I'm lazy, ran out of time to go to the store, or forgot that I had to plan some sort of dinner that night. In this case, it was the latter. 

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters with salsa, cheddar cheese and chipotle chicken sausage. 

IMG 6703

After I took the kids to school, I went to a PTO meeting, then over to  Great News for a cooking class taught by Phillis Carey. Today's class was "Fast and Fabulous Fish". Phillis isn't a big fan of fish and loves to disguise it with different flavors and methods of cooking. I love fish but also love all her fabulous recipes.

The first recipe was Greek-Style Lemon Herb Mahi-Mahi with Feta Yogurt Sauce.

IMG 6704

It's hard to tell in the picture but this was DELICIOUS. Loved the feta yogurt sauce!

The next recipe was Poached Cod with Tomatoes, Wine, Saffron and Garlic Toasts.

IMG 6705

I realize this was all about the fish but the garlic toast was the best part! :) It tasted amazing in the broth!

Next up was Sea Bass in Shredded Potato and Leek Crust with Lemon Aioli. 

IMG 6707

Another winner! Can't go wrong with aioli on anything!

The final recipe was Southeast Asian Marinated Broiled Salmon with Sweet-Spicy Ginger Lime Sauce.

IMG 6708

This was a bit salty for me but that could be easily fixed. Flavors were good otherwise.

Dessert was Moist Lemon Blondies with Lemon Glaze.

IMG 6709

These were basically delicious little lemon cookie bars. 

After I left class, I went to the school for another meeting. Some of the roads were starting to close around my neighborhood so I got nervous and pulled my kids out of school a bit early to make sure I could get them home. The rest of the evening was spent watching the fire on the news, starting to pack just in case and trying not to freak out. Eventually, things calmed down. 

Tonight was supposed to be Bunco but that was obviously cancelled. I heated up some leftover spaghetti for dinner. 

IMG 6715

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be headed to LA for an event….hopefully everything is ok by then!

What types of natural disasters are common where you live?

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  1. Hey! I work off of Mira Mesa BLVD..live in San Marcos. I got caught up in all the traffic yesterday. What a scary site from your house!

  2. Yikes, that is scary!! Be safe Mel! I am not a fan of fish, so I would have loved that class - I love Chilean Sea Bass though - too bad it sells for $25 a pound where I live!

  3. @Jennifer Hicks
    I hope you're ok! I can see the San Marcos fire from my house. :(


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