I took my daughter to a perfume making class last night. Before we left, I decided to eat something so I wouldn't be starving at the event. I tried this Panera Bread Low-Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup:

IMG 6662

IMG 6664

It was pretty darn good!!! Hearty, filling and a bit spicy. 

We arrived at the class, taught by Dana of Pastiche, and were welcomed with signature cocktails. My daughter's was lemonade with rose water and mine was a combination of gin, lime, rose water and muddled mint and cucumber. 

IMG 6665

My daughter tried to take a photo of with with my cocktail. A little blurry but you get the picture. 

IMG 6667

We had a great time experiencing all the different fragrances and then making our own. We chose from four different bases (citrus, grandiflora, woody amber and white musk) and six different "toppings" (bergamot, cacao flower, grassy, tuberose, pear & freesia and vanilla). Pastiche is a French word that basically means a combination of different things put together and that is what we did. My daughter and I chose Citrus for our base and mixed in tuberose, pear & freesia and vanilla. We now have a beautiful smelling fragrance that we made ourselves!

 Breakfast this morning was pineapple Chobani yogurt, Applesauce Granola and mixed berries. 

IMG 6670

So….I think I have a cold and feel kinda crappy. Boo. After I took the kids to school, I decided to try my luck at the gym for an hour. I made it through ok. I had to run a ton of errands today so I just powered through. When I told my son that I was sick on the way to school this morning, he asked me, "Then why are you taking us to school?" I told him because it's my job and even when moms are sick, they still have to do their jobs. :)

I stopped for lunch at Corner Bakery for my usual chopped salad and chili.

IMG 6671

I couldn't even finish my lunch. I know there's something wrong when I don't scarf everything down in front of me. :(

How often do you get sick? I think I usually get sick once or twice a year. I guess I'm due. 

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