Return To Paradise

I'm back in Mexico!! Cabo San Lucas to be more exact. It's nice being back in paradise….

Wednesday morning's breakfast before we left was a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and half a grapefruit.

IMG 5375

We headed to the airport for Cabo. It's my husband's company trip and there are 15 of us staying in one house. A house with an amazing view.

IMG 5382

Our arrival in Cabo started out just right.

IMG 5383

We had some guacamole and chips and hung out by the pool until dinner. 

Dinner was a fabulous meal of chicken, shrimp and steak fajitas. 

IMG 5388

IMG 5389

IMG 5397

The best part was dessert. 

IMG 5399

Chocolate Mousse Pie. It tasted basically like brownie batter in a cookie crust. Out of this world good.

The group:

IMG 5390

Breakfast Thursday morning was also mind blowing.

IMG 5406

IMG 5408

This was the best French toast I've ever had. It didn't need syrup. There was this cinnamon sugar crispy crust on it that was so delicious.

As if that wasn't enough, in came the Huevos Rancheros.

IMG 5412

Amazing. Again.

The rest of the day looked like this:

IMG 5410


IMG 5426

IMG 5428

IMG 5430

IMG 5431

IMG 5437

Lunch was sea bass fish tacos with all the fixings.

IMG 5446


IMG 5456

Dinner time rolled around. 

IMG 5467

What is it you ask?

IMG 5468

That was  the salad course. The salad was inside the puff pastry. And it was awesome.

The main course was steak and lobster.

IMG 5473

Followed by Caramel Flan with Chocolate and Coconut.

IMG 5475

They know their desserts here.

All the ladies:

IMG 5474

Must get back to paradise….

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  1. Girl, you travel more than anyone I know! How lucky are you? That steak and lobster is calling my name:)

  2. Ally, I tell her that all the time! Last year she traveled more in one year than I have in 10 years! Lucky is right! That picture of the sunset is gorgeous!


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