142.0…Fast Food Favorite

Thursday night, my mom and I went over to my brother & my sister in law's house to celebrate my sister in law's birthday. We ate some salami, cheese and crackers, drank some wine and opened gifts. For dinner we had Greek delivery.

IMG 5700

Lamb & chicken kabobs, rice, salad and pita. Awesome!

Guess what was even more awesome??

IMG 5701

Birthday cake!! Yes, I was served a messy piece. I didn't care. It soon disappeared off my plate anyway. 

Breakfast yesterday morning at my mom's was toast with peanut butter.

IMG 5703

For lunch, my mom really wanted Taco Bell. Who was I to argue? It's m favorite fast food EVER.

IMG 5704

Bean and cheese burrito and two soft taco supremes. I rarely eat Taco Bell but it always is amazing. 

I drove back to San Diego, picked up the kids and came home to get ready for my daughter's sleep over party. She had a few friends over for a Valentine's Day theme party.

IMG 5705

Heart shape brownies with frosting and sprinkles. Pizza from Leucadia Pizza was dinner but I opted for a Greek salad with Grilled Shrimp.

IMG 5707

The girls went to bed early which was a small miracle. :) This morning they were up bright and early too for their heart shaped pancake breakfast. I ended up eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with almond milk.

IMG 5708

After the girls were picked up, I cleaned up the house, did laundry, etc. My husband dropped my daughter off at a birthday party and picked up a Chopped Chicken Salad from Sammy's Woodfired Pizza. Aka my favorite salad. 

IMG 5709

We also reheated some pizza from the night before.

IMG 5710

Tonight we are going to Alicia's house for our Quarterly "Gourmet Club" dinner. I'm in charge of the appetizer. Alicia is making the main course and Sherry will be bringing the dessert. It is always a fabulous meal!

Do you have a favorite fast food restaurant?

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