How was your Valentine's Day? Our was nice….it started out with an early dinner at Mia Francesca. I wasn't super hungry because I had just eaten lunch hours before. My husband and I shared a Caesar salad.

IMG 5665

For my entree, I ordered the Bruschetta with Avocado.

IMG 5666

The food at Mia Francesca never disappoints. Ever. 

After dinner, we went to my son's basketball game. (They won again - undefeated!) Afterwards, we drove the two hours to Big Bear for the weekend. We are staying with some friends and it's actually pretty warm here. That's good because the cold and I do not get along. 

This morning I got the kids bundled up and off to ski. There's not a ton of snow here but the ski place is completely sold out. I don't ski and have no desire to so it boggles my mind when I see all these people struggling with their gear and all the equipment. How is this fun? :)

While waiting to pick up the rest of the family later, I've parked myself at Starbucks. This is more like it.

IMG 5667

Egg, bacon and cheese sandwich and skinny vanilla latte. 

Have a great weekend!

Do you enjoy skiing? 

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