141.8…An Adorable Date

Last night my daughter went to a birthday party for a few hours. My husband is out of town so it was just me and my son. We decided to go to his favorite restaurant, PF Chang's for our "date night." We were seated in a booth and I sat across from him. He didn't think that was acceptable. He wanted me to sit right next to him. So freaking cute.

My dinner started with the egg drop soup. I added tons of that spicy sauce that they mix up for you.

IMG 5333

This soup was followed by Moo Goo Gai Pan. I looked up nutritional information online and it was low in calories so that's why I chose it.

IMG 5335

It was loaded with veggies and once I put tons of spicy sauce with it and brown rice, it was delicious. We picked up my daughter from the party, came home and went to bed.

I was in a cereal mood this morning so I had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and almond milk.

IMG 5336

It's been kind of a lazy day over here. Lunch was a repeat of yesterday: tuna salad with celery sticks. I've been putting mustard in my tuna salad and its SO good!

IMG 5338

We are going to a friend's house for the Super Bowl and I'm bringing these:

IMG 5337

Recipe to come!

Any Super Bowl plans? What are you making/planning to eat?

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