142.8..Home Already!?!

And just like that, our trip is over. It was, hands down, one of the best trips ever. 

Friday morning started out just as awesome as all the other mornings with a fancy breakfast.

IMG 5480

IMG 5482

IMG 5483

IMG 5484

Those are migas: scrambled eggs with tortillas and onions. 

Its important to have a decent beverage selection in the morning:

IMG 5485

IMG 5486

They made the most amazing refried beans you've ever had. 

There was a few hours of pool time before lunch. We decided to switch things up and go the Italian route for lunch.

IMG 5491

IMG 5492


It was time to actually leave the home and go out for the rest of the day in Cabo.

IMG 5495

Let the adventure begin!

IMG 5498

We took a fabulous boat ride and saw so many whales up close. It was incredible!

IMG 5537

IMG 5548

After our boat docked, we went to "The Office" for some appetizers and drinks. 

IMG 5504

IMG 5506

IMG 5507

IMG 5508

IMG 5509

IMG 5510

IMG 5511

IMG 5512

IMG 5513

IMG 5519

IMG 5580

We followed that up with dinner at Edith's. I love Edith's!! 

IMG 5530

Everyone was served a mini tostada to start.

IMG 5527

Most of us ordered the Caesar salad. It's made table-side and it fabulous! Best Caesar salad ever.

IMG 5532

I ordered the grilled shrimp. Looking back on my blog, it looks like I ordered the same thing last time I was at Edith's!

IMG 5534

After dinner, we had had it. It was time to head back to the house and call it a night.

Saturday morning, the guys left early to go fishing. The ladies held down the fort and enjoyed another delicious breakfast.

IMG 5539

IMG 5546

IMG 5541

I love all their "bacon towers."

IMG 5547

Egg white omelet with cheese and veggies.

More pool time commenced. Eventually the guys came back and joined us for lunch.


IMG 5555

Chicken enchiladas:

IMG 5556

I wish you could tell how big this plate was. It was basically a serving platter.

Later that evening, the chef turned the marlin the guys caught into the most delicious sashimi ever. Ever.

IMG 5560

Dinner started with chicken tortilla soup.

IMG 5568

This was followed by mahi maui with several amazing sauces. 

IMG 5570

Chocolate Lava Cake. You cannot go wrong with this.

IMG 5574

IMG 5572

Enjoying the last night!

Yesterday's breakfast was as awesome as ever. Another beautiful fruit creation:

IMG 5582

More fabulous French toast:

IMG 5583

Another bacon tower, of course:

IMG 5585

Followed by scrambled eggs with soy chorizo for some breakfast burritos. 

IMG 5584

Eventually, it was time to say good bye to paradise. 

IMG 5587

IMG 5596

IMG 5599

Sad. :)

We got to the airport and had Carl's Jr. for lunch. It wasn't fancy but it did hit the spot. :)

IMG 5600

We got home and took the kids out to dinner. I didn't eat anything. I was still full from lunch and the 800 other meals I had had in the last few days.

It was back to regular food this morning. You've seen it before. My egg beaters:

IMG 5603

Dropped off the kids at school and went to Cardio Muscle class. I needed that workout for sure.

Lunch was skinny fish tacos at Wahoo's. Getting back in the groove for sure!

IMG 5608

 Do you unpack right away when you get back from a trip? I usually do. It drives me nuts to have stuff out of place for too long. :)

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  1. which hotel did you stay at? I'm from Tijuana/San Diego so I love love love Cabo! Glad you guyz had such a fun time!

  2. Looks like a fab time! Where did you meet such a great guy to marry??? I'm going through a divorce & I'm just wondering....lol!

  3. @MelJane
    Ha! I met him in college. A long time ago. :) He is indeed the best.

  4. @Denisse Cristina
    We actually rented a home. We had a huge group and it was nice to be all together.

  5. All that food looks amazeballs!!!


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