143.2…Brunch and a Movie

Lunch yesterday was…well…you’ve seen it before.

September 2013 076

Wahoo’s. I never get sick of it.

Something else I never get sick of: Hot Wings! Last night was our usual “Hot Wing Night” at my house. 

September 2013 180

I was actually able to control myself somewhat and only eat 8. Alicia brought a great salad which I went back for seconds of as well.

This morning I just had an orange before taking the kids to school.

September 2013 181

A bunch of us were going over to Lisa’s house for brunch and to watch “Gatsby”.

September 2013 182

And to have a mimosa or two! :)

Lisa made this fabulous egg casserole which I had three pieces of!

September 2013 183

I really enjoyed the movie! I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not but was surprised.

After our brunch and movie, I dragged myself to the gym. So glad I did! You never regret a workout, right?

What was the last good movie you saw?

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