144.4…Gone Fishing

Friday proved a successful shopping trip. My son got his first suit! We grabbed some dinner at Rubio’s before leaving the mall.

September 2013 200

Two fish tacos. Good, but no Wahoo’s. :)

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was a new cereal that Cascadian Farms sent me to try: Cinnamon Crunch!

September 2013 201

One of my favorite cereals ever is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This cereal tasted just as good but without all the extra junk in it. Score! Cascadian Farms is now packing their cereals in an inner bag made of up to 57% bio-based material. Double score. I really enjoy their products!

September 2013 202

Thanks Cascadian Farms!

We went to a family picnic/event for one of the groups my husband belongs to. They had tons of games for the kids, great music and yummy food. My lunch was a delicious Cobb salad.

September 2013 203

Afterwards we went to my daughter’s soccer game, then came home to get ready for the “Tribute to the Rat Pack” event at our club. I made best efforts to dress the part.

September 2013 209

Alicia, Annette, me and Lisa:

September 2013 205

My husband and Joe:

September 2013 212

On the dance floor….I love the music from that era:

September 2013 208

Dinner was a buffet of turkey, pasta, salad, veggies, rolls with butter and the best part of all: the mashed potato bar! I loaded my mashed potatoes with sour cream, bacon, grilled onions and cheese.

September 2013 211

I decided that plate was so big that I should definitely skip dessert. 

September 2013 217

Such a fun night!!

This morning it was up bright and early to take the kids fishing with a couple of other families.

September 2013 220

This was my first time fishing and I had a blast!  Loved rolling up and parking next to all the pelicans and sea lions.

September 2013 224

While fishing we enjoyed burgers, quesadillas and chips.

September 2013 228

I caught my first fish!

September 2013 229

It ended up going back in the water but we did enjoy some halibut that was caught earlier.

Tonight we are headed to the Hamburger Factory with Alicia and her family for dinner. More burgers!

Have you ever been fishing?