145.4…Double Burgers

To say my weekend eats were indulgent is putting it mildly. I ended off things last night with an especially big bang by going to The Hamburger Factory. We went with Alicia and her family. Of course we had to have hot wings!

September 2013 230

Next up was my second burger of the day.

September 2013 231

Beef burger with jalapeno jack cheese and fries.  Then I went to bed feeling like I ate two burgers in one day. :(

Today is a new day. Time to start fresh. (I feel like I say that every Monday morning). Breakfast was the new Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch cereal with almond milk. I was out of fruit so it didn’t feel complete.

September 2013 232

After I took the kids to school, I volunteered for a bit. Then it was off to the gym for an hour of cardio and weights.

Lunch was Wahoo’s fish tacos. I always feel back on track when I eat these.

September 2013 233

Next up is my dentist appointment, then off to the school to get the kids. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Are you trying to “get back on track” today or have you been behaving yourself?


  1. back on track here too...we went to shanghai for the long holiday weekend and went to all our favorite restaurants and bars...we lived there for a few years and saw some old friends. today I made my zucchini soup...and salad for the fridge....weight class and plenty of walking later to school and dinner out. tomorrow is 2 hour tennis clinic....

  2. Having family in town, and three birthdays in a row, I am more than ready to get back on track. I didn't do too bad on eats, but the wine was flowing pretty good! :D


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