139.0…A Non Food Obsession

Most obsessions I talk about are food related. I have a new obsession that has taken over my life.

Thanks to my my friend Sue, I’m officially a Pinterest addict. I spent hours last night at my parent’s house looking at recipes (ok, so it’s a bit food related), makeup tips and outfit ideas. I’m hooked.

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We picked up El Pollo Loco last night for dinner. I ordered my standard two piece, white meat chicken meal with flour tortillas and cole slaw.

January 2013 290

I slept in, hung out with my parents in my pjs, had some coffee and got lost in Pinterest. All before breakfast.

Finally I made a piece of toast with peanut butter and went back to Pinterest.

January 2013 291

Eventually I had to get dressed and get going with the day. Ever since my chicken salad sandwich from Corner Baker yesterday, my mom couldn’t stop talking about how she wanted one. So that’s where we went to lunch again. This time I ordered the Chopped Salad. Excellent.

January 2013 292

After lunch I got packed up and headed back to San Diego. Now I’m at Starbucks waiting to pick up the kids from school. A quiet (possibly Pinterest involved?) evening at home awaits me.

Are you addicted to Pinterest too? 


  1. I love Pinterest. Welcome to the party. You can follow me @ http://www.pinterest.com/slowroasted

    Donna @ The Slow Roasted Italian


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