On Saturday I volunteered selling food at the community event my kids attend. I served all sorts of things to the kids but one of the more popular items was this corn I tried:

January 2013 189

Corn, lime juice, a chili-like powder and parmesan cheese. Yes, I was skeptical. The verdict: I enjoyed it! Spicy, refreshing and tasty! Who knew!?!

After the event we hit the road for Los Angeles for the kids to spend the night with their cousins and for me & my husband to visit with my parents.

We ate a ton of take-out food this weekend but I tried to keep my choices somewhat reasonable and healthy when I could. For dinner that night, my family chose Hamburger Hamlet. I opted for a wedge salad and lobster bisque.

January 2013 191

Could not resist the lobster bisque…it’s so good there!

Say hello to Oliver, my parent’s dog:

January 2013 190

My husband and I went back to our hotel for the night and went to bed. The next morning we slept in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the room.

January 2013 192

We went over to my parent’s house to watch all the football playoffs!

Lunch was courtesy of The Hat. This place only does pastrami/French dip sandwiches and burgers so I chose a turkey burger.

January 2013 193

I did share some fries with my mom though. Can’t be good all the time!

We picked up dinner from an Italian restaurant called Carmine’s. I split the Antipasto salad with my mom and the bruschetta with my husband.

January 2013 194

The salad was eh but the bruschetta was great! After dinner, we went to Souplantation where our kids were enjoying dinner with their cousins. I couldn’t resist some of the chocolate lava cake with ice cream. A Souplantation favorite, for sure!

January 2013 195

Then it was the long, two-hour drive home. I was so glad to get into my own bed finally!

The kids don’t have school today so I had a more relaxing morning. I ate breakfast pretty close to the time I was to leave for Cardio Muscle class so I opted for a bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios and almond milk. Not too filling.

January 2013 196

Class was tough today. The instructor formatted the class similar to Jillian Michael’s Shred program. Two minutes strength training, three minutes cardio, followed by 2 minutes of abs. This circuit was repeated 8 times. No joke.

I dropped my son off at a play date and then came home for lunch. Tuna sandwich and cumbers with Girard’s Light Champagne vinaigrette.

January 2013 197

I need to pick up my son and take him and his sister to another play date soon. Tonight we are having dinner with a couple of friends of my husband’s. Looking forward to a nice date night!

Did you make healthy choices this weekend?


  1. That circuit sounds great - well except for the 8 times thing. lol I'm actually looking forward to working out again!

    Oliver is SO cute - shih tzu?

  2. Sounds like a delicious way to jazz up corn. I'm very proud of myself for resisting the choco lava cake the last time I went to Souplantation; I could not however resist 2nd and 3rds of the cheesy focaccia bread. I didn't even know Peanut Butter Cheerios existed. Where have I been?

  3. Ah- the corn - I have had it served with CHOLULA! and then sprinkled with parmesan....it's good and you would love :)


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