143.0…More is more.

Oh yes. In the last 24 hours….there has been a lot of wine…and jello shots.

When I arrived at Lisa’s house last night for Bunco, I was presented with a dilemma: cupcakes or Jello shots.

February 2011 065

Me being me….I decided BOTH. Jello shots first though.

February 2011 068

The cupcakes would have to wait until later.

February 2011 069

For now, the Jello shots ruled the roost.

February 2011 071

How old am I again?

February 2011 072

Lisa made sangria. It’s normal to drink from the pitcher with a straw right?

February 2011 073

You know me by now….I’m more of a wine girl.

February 2011 076

And sometimes champagne when the glass is especially pretty.

February 2011 078

Don’t worry….I did eat dinner. I never forget to eat.

February 2011 082

Nor do I forget to eat dessert.

Cupcake #1:

February 2011 083

Cupcake #2:

February 2011 084

Cupcake #3:

February 2011 085

Shall I keep going? Ok…Cupcake #4:

February 2011 087

C’mon people….these are mini cupcakes!!

February 2011 088

Lisa taught Julie how to do a “proper Jello Shot”:

February 2011 089

After you have Jello shots, you have inhuman strength and can lift your 100lb friend Cathi:

February 2011 090

…..and you can also consume 5 mini cupcakes.

February 2011 094

Since there are doggie pics all over the bloggy world, I thought I’d share with you Lisa’s dog, Harley:

February 2011 098

Self portrait of Harley and I:

February 2011 099

WARNING!!!! If you consume too many Jello shots and cupcakes THIS may happen:

Let’s move on, shall we….


February 2011 102

English muffin with peanut butter and an orange. I needed fuel for my half marathon training run today: 3 miles.

Mile 1- 11:09

Mile 2 – 11:02

Mile 3 – 10:50

Enough of the boring stuff. Today is my friend Cathi’s birthday….you know…the one I was lifting last night? Our friend, Michelle, threw her a little birthday lunch today that went on……..and on…..and on. I’d still be there but I really needed to come home and cook dinner for the people who live in my house. You know how that goes.

When I arrived, Michelle asked me if I’d like a ginger martini.

February 2011 103


Lisa liked them too!

February 2011 104

Lisa was trying to take a picture of me with the center piece placed so that it would look like some weird thing sprouting out of my head.

February 2011 105

We are dorks.

Ok….check it out….the birthday girl!

February 2011 106

Guess how old she is!




I don’t lie. She makes me sick. But I still love her.

We had these fabulous spring rolls with peanut butter sauce (and more wine):

February 2011 107

Lunch was incredible: Curry shrimp, chicken marinated in coconut milk, eggplant and jicima salad:

February 2011 109

After lunch we hung out in Michelle's backyard for awhile. I was in paradise.

February 2011 110

February 2011 112

And when the coconut birthday cake arrived, I died and went to heaven.

February 2011 114

February 2011 115


February 2011 116

That’s how all Wednesday’s should be. Happy Birthday Cathi!

Now it’s time to return to real life.

Are you a fan of coconut? What about martinis?  I for one am not a martini fan, I prefer wine. :)


  1. I love you. That video was priceless! And where is that cake from? It looks amazing!!

  2. Omg!!!! The past two days have been immeasurably fun!!! Those jello shots were da bomb!!!! Love the vid...when I die, it'll be one of those "memory bubbles" that float by!!! Love you...

  3. Looks like a perfect couple of days celebrating and having fun with good friends!

    Not a big martini gal. I like a couple sips, but then would rather have wine. ;-)

  4. That looks like you guys had so much fun!

  5. YOU ARE SO SO GORGEOUS!! Can I come to your next bunko party. 43 mini cupcakes=1 normal one. I want to jump into that pool and then eat that cake!! Have a great day gorgeous!

  6. I found your blog from peas & crayons and I'm already hooked!
    From your pictures, that looks like the best bunco night ever! I'm jealous!

  7. That looks like a great day! I love coconuts & martinis...I'm pretty impartial when it comes to alcohol ;)

  8. It looks like you had a fabulous time- and age has nothing to do with jello shot consumption ;)

    I have to say I like coconut more than martinis these days!

  9. Haha--loved the vid! That is utter greatness. Glad I'm not the only one who overdoes it at parties. I don't drink, but I rarely can tame myself when it comes to the food. Your friend Cathi...I kinda hate her! LOL! Wow, I really don't have hope I'll look that good at her age but at least I know there's hope. :)


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