141.8…Winner, winner quinoa dinner!

Don’t you love it when you pull a few ingredients out of your pantry and create an incredible meal?

I’ve been trying to use things I already have instead of buying more food at the store. I cooked up some quinoa in chicken broth. When it was done I added some Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes and jalapenos. Fabulous!

February 2011 246

Here’s the sauce I used:

February 2011 247

What a fast, delicious meal!

I ate said meal at 4:30PM yesterday. I had to meet my team for our first track practice at 6:30PM and didn’t want to run on a full or empty stomach.

We ran a few warm up laps around the track and did some strength training exercises. Then it was relay time! We teamed up into groups of three and would each run around half of the track (1/8th of a mile) until we each had done it TWELVE times. Not only that, we had to run faster than we normally run so that you were working at 80% of your max heart rate. Track practice really helps with your speed and stamina. It makes our normal runs, that much more efficient and easier!

On the way home, I ate a few fresh dates and went home to hit the hay. I was pooped!

I was pretty hungry when I woke up not surprisingly. I needed something filling. To me that means eggs. I added some cooked egg beaters to a wheat tortilla with a little refried beans and salsa. I had some cantaloupe as well.

February 2011 248

I took the kids to school and then took care of my half marathon training for the day: 4 miles.

Mile 1 – 10:39

Mile 2 – 10:45

Mile 3 – 10:02

Mile 4 – 10:13

I guess the track workout helped…I was faster today without even knowing it while running. I just ran at a comfortable pace for me.

When I got home I had an orange:

February 2011 249

Shortly after I was ready for lunch. I heated up the rest of last night’s delicious quinoa:

February 2011 250

I got a ton done. Paid bills, cleaned up my desk, read blogs, answered email, the works.

On the way to pick up my kids, I had a few dates:

February 2011 251

I guess I’m really snacky today. I had a light Babybel cheese when I got back:

February 2011 252

I’m making the Great News Cooking School Recipe of the Week tonight and I’m excited about this one!!

If you run, do you ever run on a track?  I hadn’t run on a track since middle school. :)

What coffee shop makes the best coffee in your opinion? I’m a Starbucks girl but I buy Dunkin Donuts for home. I don’t have a Dunkin Donuts near me so I’ve never tried the coffee at the store.


  1. The quinoa looks great! Not a huge fan of take out coffee, we have a gazillion dunkin donuts around here, just not a fan! :)

  2. Dunkin Donuts all the way. Though I prefer my Donut House or Kona Bold from my Keurig!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I've never made quinoa, but I have some sitting in my cabinet to try. I like the idea of cooking it in chicken broth - I'm going to do that!

    We are exactly the same as you - we don't have a Dunkin Donuts here, so we go to the 'bux, but brew DD at home.

  4. I love DD in the actual shop, but not when I make it at home. My favorite coffee house coffee is usually the Mom and Pop places. Not a SB fan at all! I know, the travesty...

  5. I'm totally a Starbucks girl, too. No question about it...they just make good coffee, and they've got great marketing skills.

    The last time I ran on the track was during high school, too. I think it's boring though.

  6. Love it

    btw, bird nest (www.geocities.jp/hongkong_bird_nest/index_e.htm) is made up of about 58% soluable proteins...the highest amoung all food and even synetic protein powders

    it greatly increase tissue regeneration

  7. I saw that sauce at Trader Joe's but wasn't sure I'd like it. I opted foy Soyaki and I'm obsessed, it is equally amazing with quinoa and vegetables! The only problem is no Trader Joe's anywhere close to here=( I am making it a point to stock up on as many sauces as I can when I go road tripping this summer and I'll be sure to try this one! I like Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks when I'm out but have 8 o'clock coffee at home=)

  8. I loooove Starbys. but my wallet tells me to take it easy. I'm a fan of DD for home, too!

    and hey, I officially am at wordpress right now (hurraaah!) and although I had a few confusions, so far so good! I like it a lot better. definitely let me know if I can help you!

  9. fresh dates are the best! so yum :)

    hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  10. When I first started following you, I would sometimes marvel at the things you ate (like that day you had like a million cupcakes-lol) and be amazed that you stay so thin. But you work out soooo hard! That must be your secret. I really am a wimp and don't push myself hard enough. You inspire me! Oh, and I haven't run on a track since high school. I hate the track! I really don't like Starbucks coffee b/c it's so strong. I think I'm weird. I like it at diners like Jimmy's Egg or Dennys or at home.


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