138.0...Fabulous Fondue

On Tuesday night the kids wanted to go to Pei Wei for dinner. It’s not my favorite place but I put up with it every now and then. I ordered the kid’s steamed honey seared shrimp with brown rice and veggies.  

IMG 2410

Besides the fact our order got screwed up, when my meal finally arrived it wasn’t very good. Boo. 

Wednesday’s breakfast:

IMG 2411

I took the kids to school, then went for a run outside. Lunch was Burger Lounge. They opened a new one near me and I finally was able to check it out. 

IMG 2473

I had a turkey burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce wrapped with a side salad. Pretty good!!

That evening was Bunco at Silvana’s house. 

IMG 5687

She had an entire fabulous fondue spread out!

IMG 5714

IMG 5689

IMG 5692

IMG 5693

IMG 5695

IMG 5697

IMG 5709

I must have eaten my weight in cheese and bread. Everything was so amazing. 

IMG 5703

IMG 5705

IMG 5708

IMG 5711

IMG 5715

There was more fondue for dessert!

IMG 5699

IMG 5701

Thank you Silvana for a perfect evening! 

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 2479

After I took the kids to school, I went to the gym. I came home to do massive amounts of laundry. Lunch was tuna salad, crackers and pickles.

IMG 2574

My son had a basketball game that evening that they won, after an intensive game ending in overtime. We celebrated at Tio Leo’s for dinner.

IMG 2578

Steamy shrimp fajitas!

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 2579

After drop off, I went to the gym, then ran some errands. 

I met some friends at Love Boat Sushi to celebrate Diana’s birthday. 

I shared the normal spread with Alicia. Miso soup:

IMG 2581

Tuna nigiri:

IMG 2585

Yellowtail and salmon nigiri:

IMG 2583

Marine Boy Roll:

IMG 2582

Wasabi Roll:

IMG 2584

I picked up the kiddos from school then came home and got ready for dinner. 

We met several other couples at Harvard Cookin’ Girl for a cooking class complete with food and lots of great wine. We made (well, sort of…we watched mostly) Provençal Chicken with Orzo and Salad:

IMG 2588

Upside Down Apple Tart with Ice Cream:

IMG 2589

Everything was super tasty but I don’t think anyone was really full afterwards. We filled in the gaps by going to Dukes for drinks and dessert afterwards. 

Wind N Sea Breeze (hanger 1 vodka, fresh grapefruit, shaken and served up):

IMG 2590

Hula Pie:

IMG 2591

You can’t beat a Hula Pie!

Yesterday’s breakfast had a small tweak: Ezekiel bread instead of English muffin:

IMG 2593

It was my daughter’s birthday party during the day. I had a couple slices of cheese pizza at the party and shared some birthday cake with my husband. Our family came back to our house and I put out some different chips and dips which I snacked from all day.

We picked up Milton’s for dinner. I had the Milton’s Chopped Salad:

IMG 2599

Today’s breakfast….same as yesterday but I didn’t put avocado on the bread:

IMG 2600

I went to the gym and got a good leg workout it. Lunch was tuna salad on Ezekiel bread toasted with pickles. 

IMG 2602

Today we are watching football and having friends over for dinner. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Eat anything especially yummy this weekend?

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  1. Did you hear Tio Leo's is closing or possibly relocating? What do you think about the Chargers? I am not rooting for them! I dislike Spanos but feel bad for the players :(

  2. @karebear
    Where did you hear that about Tio Leo's?!?! I would be so sad!! Speaking of sad...the Chargers. Ugh. I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel lost. Lol.


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