Reunited and It Feels So Good

What a weekend! Friday night, my husband and I went to The Pony Room for dinner. I had The Chop Chop Salad to start (iceberg, spinach, mushrooms, hard boiled egg, tomato, croutons, lemon, herb dressing):

IMG 3163

Eh. Even with all those fabulous ingredients, it was just ok.

That was followed by Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos (cabbage slaw, crema, radish, steamed corn tortilla, Spanish brown rice, black beans, guacamole):

IMG 3164

Excellent. I’ve had them before and enjoyed them.

After dinner, we went to Cinepolis to see Ted 2. I thoroughly enjoyed their Zebra popcorn. 

IMG 3165

I enjoyed the first Ted…this one was funny but not as funny as the first.

Saturday morning’s breakfast was the usual.

IMG 3167

My husband continued in his golf tournament and I went over to cheer him on. I got to enjoy a make-your-own sandwich bar while I was there. 

IMG 3174

The salad was Buffalo Chicken Salad. Yum!!!

My husband and his friend ended up placing 3rd out of 71 teams! I was very proud!

Later that evening, we went to the big celebratory dinner for the tournament. Dinner was buffet style and everything was delicious! 

IMG 3183

We skipped dessert and went home a bit early because I had to be up bright and early Sunday morning to fly to San Francisco to pick up my son from sleep away camp. At the airport, I had some coffee and an Einstein’s Bagel Egg White Bagel Thin Sandwich.

IMG 3184

Then, at last, I was reunited with my son after missing him for two weeks! We had lunch together at the San Francisco airport before we got on a plane back to San Diego.

IMG 3186

Club sandwich and fries. 

If that wasn’t enough crazy travel, once I got home, I had to leave again to drive to Los Angeles so that I could pick up my daughter from her sleep away camp this morning. I stayed at my brother’s house and enjoyed dinner with them. My brother made a fabulous cedar plank salmon.

IMG 3190

My sister in law Stephanie made broccoli and baked potatoes to go along with the salmon.

IMG 3192

IMG 3194


This morning I left their house and drove to Encino to meet my daughter’s camp bus. Along the way, I picked up a latte and an egg white sandwich at Starbucks. 

IMG 3204

Then it was finally time to reunite with my daughter! It was so good to have my family back!

I drove her and two of her friends back to San Diego. We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. 

IMG 3210

Grilled Chicken McWrap and a side salad. 

It’s great to have everyone back at home!!

What’s the longest you were ever away from home as a child?

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