145.8...End of an Era

Last night was the first time both my kids were home in the last two weeks. We celebrated by going to one of their favorite restaurants: Souplantation. :)

IMG 3213

I can’t say I was super unhappy about it. Their ranch dressing and pizza bread is pretty dang good. You know what they also do well?

IMG 3214

Their chocolate lava/explosion/whatever it’s called cake. I can pass it up when they have it.

Breakfast this morning was back to my current favorite: 

IMG 3215

I dropped off my husband’s car at the shop, then went to Great News for their last cooking class ever. They are closing their door after many years! I’m so sad….I learned most of the things I know about food/cooking there. I will miss it SO much!

Today’s cooking class was taught by Phillis Carey and was called: California Party Time. 

IMG 3216

The first recipe was actually a drink: “California Bellini” (white peach and sparkling rose):

IMG 3220

I thought it appropriate to have a fancy cocktail to celebrate an end of an era!

The next recipe was Grilled Artichokes with Green Goddess Dressing:

IMG 3222

The dressing was outstanding. Probably the best Green Goddess Dressing I’ve ever tasted. Now, I have a confession: I’m not quite sure how to eat artichokes when they are served like that. Lol. I tried my best but I think I mostly failed. Guess I need some more practice! 

The next plate contained several fabulous recipes!

Santa Maria Tri-Tip with Bacon and Bean Relish, Cherry Tomato Salsa, Blue Cheese Cole Slaw and Grilled Garlic Bread.

IMG 3223

There wasn’t one bad thing on the plate. The highlight was the Bacon and Bean Relish. Quite possibly the best beans I’ve ever had.

Dessert was Mocha Tres Leches Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Topping:

IMG 3224

The cake was good but I especially like the topping. A great frosting!

So, I’m sad to say that was the last time I will ever be at Great News. I learned a lot and had a ball over the last 8 years, especially thanks to Phillis Carey who was my favorite instructor there!

IMG 3218

Fortunately, Phillis will start teaching in other locations so stay tuned for that!

What store would you have a hard time living without if it closed?

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  1. I've had a similar experience as you with Phillis Carey. She used to teach at Gleson's in Calabasas and they closed their cooking school as well, and I just recently found Phillis at another school near me as I live North of Los Angeles. Isn't she just the best!? I love her style and have learned so much from her about cooking. So glad that there are other classes you can attend to keep learning from Phillis!!

  2. @Slice of Southern
    She is the best for sure!! I don't think I've ever had a recipe from her that I didn't like!


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