144.4...Goat Cheese with Fig Butter

Last night we went to Joe and Alicia’s for our neighborhood’s “Couples Mixer”. It happens about three to four times a year and we rotate who hosts. Everyone brings an appetizer and a bottle of wine. The food is always fabulous. I can’t take credit for the appetizer I brought. My sister in law Marit makes it for her parties and it’s out of this world. Besides tasting insanely good, it’s ridiculously easy to make. 

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Goat Cheese with Fig Butter


8 oz. package goat cheese

1 cup fig butter, warmed

1/2 cup chopped pecans

1 box Trader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps (or cracker of your choice)


1. Place goat cheese on a platter. Pour the warmed fig butter over goat cheese. Top with pecans. Serve with crackers. 

Note: The above measurements can be adjusted to your liking. 

Printable Recipe

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Check out some of the delicious appetizers that arrived last night:

IMG 2909

IMG 2910

IMG 2912

IMG 2914

IMG 2916

IMG 2917

IMG 2919

IMG 2920

IMG 2921

IMG 2923

IMG 2924

IMG 2925

IMG 2929

IMG 2934

IMG 2936

Thank you Joe and Alicia for hosting!

We actually stopped by a friend’s birthday party briefly after leaving the Mixer. Late night!

I was up before dawn this morning to see my husband and son off to the airport. My son is off to sleep away camp for a couple of weeks! 

When you get up that early, you sure can get a lot done before even having breakfast!

IMG 2939

I took my daughter to the mall to get some stuff for her camp. She wanted Red Robin for lunch. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and some fries. I couldn’t say no to the fries. 

IMG 2941

We ran some errands, stopped for Starbucks and came home. Girls day out!

What’s the best thing you ate all weekend?

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