Palm Desert Repeaters

I’ve been having a great time in Palm Desert with my mom while my kids are at camp. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Fresh Agave, on Tuesday night. I had one of their killer margaritas. You only need one. 

IMG 2978

Their table-side guacamole is out of this world. It did take a bit of convincing to get it as spicy as we wanted. I don’t think that our server thought we blondes could handle it. Lol.

IMG 2979

After the guacamole fabulousness, I wasn’t super hungry so I just had a cheese enchilada a la carte. 

IMG 2980

Guess what? Look at my breakfast Wednesday morning:

IMG 2983

No poached eggs! :) I had some peanut butter on toast. I do miss my poached egg…..

We went to lunch at Manhattan at the Desert.

IMG 2987

I had half a salami sandwich, cole slaw and a salad. 

IMG 2989

IMG 2990

Everything was great! Good deli for sure!!

It’s definitely hot here…highs have been 115 degrees. We run a few errands but basically stay indoors for sure. 

Dinner last night was at Mimmo’s. I had the Veal Piccata. 

IMG 3001

Unbelievably good. 

This morning we were super lazy and slept in. By the time we got ready, it was a bit too late for breakfast so we went for an early lunch at Si Bon. Again. This place is fabulous and my lunch today did not disappoint! 

 Gravlax on Goat Cheese Waffle Crostini:

IMG 3005

A perfect breakfast/lunch! Loved it!

I think we are going to repeat another restaurant tonight. Since it’s my last night here, I need more Fresh Agave!

Do you order the same thing every time you go to a restaurant you love?

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