144.8...Temporary Goodbyes

My daughter and I continued our “girls weekend” at the Brigantine for dinner Sunday night. I had fish tacos with cole slaw and veggies.

IMG 2947

Monday morning’s breakfast was the usual.

IMG 2949

I went to Cardio Muscle class then a few errands. I took my daughter to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I had the soup/salad combo with Smashed Pea & Barley soup and Mediterranean salad. 

IMG 2951

I finished packing my daughter for camp and myself for Palm Desert to visit my mom. My daughter wanted to go to her favorite restaurant, Corvette Diner for dinner. I had a turkey burger and sweet potato fries.

IMG 2956

This morning I was up bright and early to get my daughter to the bus for camp. I ate breakfast and we left.

IMG 2949

I got her checking in and loaded on the bus and away she went for two weeks.

IMG 2963

My son has been with my husband in Northern California for the past couple of days attending a couple of sporting events and having fun before he left for camp. After I dropped my daughter off, I drove to Palm Desert to visit my mom. Along the way, my husband and son called to say goodbye. He was off to camp for two weeks too! So I’m childless for two weeks. Whatever will I do with myself!?! :)

My mom and I went to lunch at Si Bon. I had the Lobster Chopped Salad. 

IMG 2974

Um….FABULOUS!!! Let the mommy vacation begin!

Did you ever go to sleep away summer camp?

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  1. 2 weeks? My son leaves for hockey camp for 1 week and I miss him like crazy. My daughter is moving away for college in a couple months and I don't know what I am going to do with myself! Do you and your hubby have anything fun planned while the kids are gone?--Melissa

  2. @KTenvoorde2828
    It's a long two weeks, I'll tell ya!! We have a few things planned like dinners and a movie but nothing else so far!

  3. Enjoy the alone time - I know they have fun at camp every year :D


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