144.8…Thanksgiving: Done.

I have a whirlwind of food photos to share with you. So many delicious eats…..where to begin??

Tuesday night my husband wasn't home so I whipped up my favorite salmon dish, Amazing Salmon, with some steamed broccoli. 

IMG 8914

Wednesday morning's breakfast was a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a grapefruit. 

IMG 8918

I took the kids to school and got to cooking for Thanksgiving. Somewhere along the way, I had a tuna salad sandwich and some Pringles for lunch. 

IMG 8923

After a full day of cooking and setting tables, there was no way I wanted to make dinner. We all decided to go Island's for dinner. We shared some fries which I dipped in a combination of ranch dressing and hot wing sauce. Perfect sauce for fries, by the way.

IMG 8927

I enjoyed my cheeseburger and fries thoroughly. 

IMG 8928

When we got home it was time to put the turkey in the brine and call it a night. My fridge was officially Thanksgiving ready:

IMG 8929

Thursday morning I was up super early to start making my Thanksgiving pies. I snuck in a mini bagel with cream cheese for breakfast at some point. 

IMG 8931

Ready for pie making:

IMG 8930

And just like that, my family (all 31 of them) started to arrive. I put out several appetizers to hold everyone until dinner. 

IMG 1748

IMG 1749

IMG 1750

After a few hours, my Good Eats Roast Turkey was done and ready to carve!

IMG 1756

Luckily I had two great carvers to help me. My brother:

IMG 1758

And my brother in law:

IMG 1759

Fabulous job!!!

IMG 1760

IMG 1761

While the turkey was resting, I threw all my sides in the oven. Everything came out perfectly! 

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes (recipe to come):

IMG 1762

Gulliver's Creamed Corn:

IMG 1763

Stuffing (my sister in law's recipe):

IMG 1764

 Green Bean Casserole that my brother in law brought:

IMG 1766

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese:

IMG 1768


IMG 1767

 Homemade Gravy:

IMG 1769

There were also Hawaiian Sweet Rolls in there somewhere. :) 

I took a little bit of everything which turned into a plate with a lot stuff:

IMG 8932

I hate to toot my own horn but I think I finally nailed the perfect Thanksgiving menu. I'm always trying new recipes to find the perfect ones and I think this year I finally found them all!!

If that wasn't enough, out came dessert!

Grandma Ople's Apple Pie (the perfect apple pie recipe):

IMG 1776

I'll be sharing the pie crust recipe with you soon. I used it for the pumpkin pie I made which was also incredible. 

IMG 1773

New York Cheesecake:

IMG 1772

The recipe promised the cheesecake wouldn't crack if the directions were followed exactly. Still cracked. Boo. But it tasted Amazing! 

Others brought desserts too!!

IMG 1771

IMG 1774

IMG 1770

IMG 1775

My "serious face" while whipping cream:

IMG 1777

And just like that, Thanksgiving was over. After weeks of preparation, it all went by in a flash. Another Thanksgiving in the record book.

Friday morning called for carbs. 

IMG 8934

Bagel with onion & chive cream cheese. 

I cleaned up the house a bit, packed and we hit the road for our weekend in Los Angeles. We stopped in Oceanside at Ruby's on the pier for lunch. Bring on the cheeseburger and onion rings!

IMG 8935

I met this guy on our walk down the pier:

IMG 8936

Not a normal sight the day after Thanksgiving. Gotta love Southern California!

We checked into our hotel and then met the rest of the family at El Cholo for dinner. I had the steak enchiladas.

IMG 8940

After dinner we went to the Lakers game. They lost but it was a great game and we had a fun time together. 

Breakfast Saturday morning was a turkey bacon egg white sandwich from Starbucks. I enjoyed in on the way to the USC vs. Notre Dame tailgate that my brother was throwing.

IMG 8942

My sister in law Helen, my husband, me and my brother in law Jerry: 

IMG 8948

My brother and I:

IMG 8951

My brother, me, my sister in law Stephanie and my husband:

IMG 8954

For USC fans, it was a great game!! We won 49-14. I'd call that a victory.

Dinner that night was a CPK. I had a half order of the Italian Chopped Salad.

IMG 8964

I shared a Chipotle Chicken pizza with my husband.

IMG 8965

I came across this giant squeeze bottle of Cholula: 

IMG 8966

I need to get me one of these!

Sunday morning's breakfast was room service at our hotel (Marriott). Two eggs over easy, bacon and potatoes:

IMG 8967

We hung out in the room for awhile before packing up and heading to lunch at Yard House with family. We shared the Garlic Noodles:

IMG 8968

I went big and ordered hot wings!

IMG 8969

We drove back to San Diego. We had plans to go with my brother in law and his family to burger night. After all the food I had eaten over the past few days, I was NOT feeling like eating a burger. So I ordered the Chop Chop salad which was loaded with all different kinds of veggies and feta cheese.

IMG 8970 

That was the most vegetables I had had in a long time. Good call.

Yesterday it was back to normal life. I didn't go the gym because my back has been bothering me so I've been trying to take it easy. I took the kids to school and went to the Apple store to get a new phone. My old phone ate my breakfast and lunch photos. Breakfast was Honey Nut Cheerios and lunch was a delicious Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad from Nordstrom.

I picked up the kids from school, took them for hair cuts, then came home to make dinner. Nothing crazy…pasta:

IMG 8984

And salad:

IMG 8985

Breakfast this morning was a broccoli and cheddar cheese egg beater omelet. 

IMG 8986

 Whew!!! I have to say…there were a TON of great eats over my Thanksgiving holiday? 

What was your favorite dish on Thanksgiving?

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