A Chargers Celebration

What a weekend!!! Insane amounts of fun AND we walked away with an incredible victory after one of the best Charger's games I've ever seen! 

We arrived Friday morning and our group was bused to Levi's Stadium for a private tour. 

IMG 9375

IMG 9379

IMG 9380

IMG 9381

IMG 9384

IMG 9385

IMG 9391

IMG 9402

IMG 9403

Such an incredible, well-thought out stadium. High-tech, sustainable, no detail was missed.

IMG 9395

IMG 9405

IMG 9406

Even their cheerleaders get their own fancy space:

IMG 9407

IMG 9409

After our tour, we went to Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak & Pub for our group lunch. Their was a delicious buffet of different sandwiches and salads.

IMG 9410

After lunch, we quickly walked through the 49ers museum. 

IMG 9414

IMG 9412

IMG 9415

IMG 9423

The Superbowl trophies were definitely my favorite. 

IMG 9424

We boarded the bus and headed into San Francisco to check into our hotel, The Clift Hotel. My husband and I had the luxury of taking a nap before getting ready for dinner with some friends at George's. 

My meal started with the Crudo of Albacore Tuna.

IMG 9427

Followed by Mint Spaghetti alla Chitarra (Abacore Tuna Meatballs, Sofritto Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Romano):

IMG 9429

The pasta was pretty darn good.

My husband and I shared the Apple Pie Sundae for dessert:

IMG 9430

Eh. I wasn't a fan. The ice cream was strange and the apples were in these tiny little pieces….just tasted strange to me. 

We slept in on Saturday morning then headed down the street to Taylor's Street Coffee Shop. The place was tiny and the long was long so I knew it had to be good. I was not disappointed. 

IMG 9431

Norweigian Benedict with Hash Browns. Un-real. You know what was even better? Their "Millionaire's Bacon":

IMG 9432

The bacon was cooked with brown sugar, syrup and cayenne pepper. It melts in your mouth. For real.

After breakfast we boarded our bus to Levi Stadium for the Chargers vs. 49ers game. 

IMG 9433

We went straight to the Red Zone Rally and enjoyed a fun tailgate complete with all sorts of tailgate type food. For me, the winner was the hot wings. Not as good as the ones I make, but they did the job.

IMG 9434

Dessert was cookies and brownies. 

IMG 9435

Our group was able to go onto the field for the warm ups. 

IMG 9438

IMG 9456

IMG 9461

IMG 9466

IMG 9472

IMG 9476

IMG 9479

Then it was game time!!! 

IMG 9483

It started off rough. We were down 21-0. But in the end, we beat the 49ers 88-35 in overtime! It might possibly be the best Chargers (or any other team for that matter) game I've ever seen! The Chargers crowd was going nuts! 

IMG 9488

We just kept looking at each other like, "did that just happen!?!"

IMG 9489

Unreal. Seriously.

We boarded the bus and headed back to San Francisco. We were hungry so we grabbed some pizza slices before heading to bed. 

IMG 9492

This morning I had a Cascadian Farm protein bar before we headed off to the airport for home. 

IMG 9493

We had plenty of time at the airport so we were able to sit down to breakfast. 

IMG 9494

Nothing like a good bloody mary to get your Sunday started. 

I ordered an egg, chorizo and cheese panini. I gave the chips to my husband. Somehow they didn't seem appropriate for breakfast. 

IMG 9495

 After a quick flight, we are finally home! What a great weekend! Way to go Chargers!

Did your team(s) come out victorious this weekend?

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  1. I haven't watched any football since my husband passed away - I had to do a double take at your teams final score - insane!!

  2. Okay, just double checked - the final score was 38-35, not 88 - I think that would have been a record!


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