Hola y Adios Puerto Vallarta!

And just like that, our trip to Puerto Vallarta for our friend's 40th birthday is over. It was a short trip for us…the party was for 4 days, but we were only there 2 because we had to get back for my husband's company's holiday party.

We arrived Wednesday later afternoon to Villa Verano and were welcomed with lots of deliciousness. Ceviche and chips:

IMG 9093

Notice the fabulous array of hot sauces. This places had all sorts of different ones! I was in heaven.

The guacamole was pretty fabulous too:

IMG 9094

We got settled and got ready for dinner which was a delicious buffet of fajitas, salad and all the fixings. 

IMG 9095

Dessert was flan and chocolate cupcakes:

IMG 9096

We spent the rest of the evening by the pool, dancing the night away!

By the way, of the myriads of hot sauces there, this one was, by far, my favorite:

IMG 9097

Breakfast Thursday morning was perfections. Chilaquiles, scrambled eggs and bacon:

IMG 9104

Let's not forgot all the important AM beverages:

IMG 9105

The entire day was spent by the pool, which in my book, is the greatest way to spend a day. Ever. 

Lunch was more ceviche, guacamole, pico de gallo and chips:

IMG 9106

And loads of hot sauce, of course. 

IMG 9107

Dinner was another buffet with barbecue chicken, steak, potatoes and Caesar salad:

IMG 9108

Like the previous night, we danced and swam and relaxed until it was time to call it a night.

My final breakfast in Puerto Vallarta was awesome. Similar to the day before but unforgettable nonetheless. 

IMG 9109

I got dressed and packed up and we grabbed a quick lunch of quesadillas, guacamole, chips before departing for the airport. 

IMG 9111

We finally arrived in San Diego after our flight was delayed for an hour. We raced to the Hotel Del Coronado where my husband's company's holiday party was being held. We got changed in record time and made our way to the ballroom.  

I didn't get very many photos because there was a photographer taking all the pictures so hopefully I'll have some more soon but here's a photo of me with my mom who came to the party as well. :)

IMG 9116

Dinner was a delicious buffet but I wasn't super hungry (shocker!) so I opted for some steak and salad. 

IMG 9117

I seriously spent the rest of the night dancing. I don't think I stopped once until the lights were turned on. It was that much fun. :) My feet are paying the price now for sure!

We stayed at the hotel and left this morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee and that turned out to be breakfast. Once we got home, I took my daughter on some errands and we stopped at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza for lunch. Chopped Chicken Salad:

IMG 9142

 Tonight we have another holiday party. I hope I survive….

What is your ideal breakfast (calories don't count)?

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