145.8…Busy Bee

I apologize for the lack of consistency posting but I have been insanely busy. I guess it's normal this time of year to be overwhelmed but I would love for things to slow down so I can enjoy the holidays. I can see that things are still moving forward at warp speed so I guess I'll just have to go with the flow.

Friday night we took the kids to my son's favorite restaurant, PF Changs. We all shared lettuce wraps:

IMG 9029

Followed by Dan Dan Noodles:

IMG 9030

And Chang's Spicy Chicken:

IMG 9031

Saturday morning we headed out early to Disneyland. We stopped at Chili's along the way for lunch. Breakfast just got skipped over basically. We shared chips and salsa:

IMG 9034

That was followed by a turkey burger with fries. 

IMG 9036

We arrived at Disneyland and went on a bunch of rides before my mother in law picked up the kids for dinner so my husband and I could go to a holiday party for his work. It was held at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. There was a cocktail hour followed by dinner. 

Our meal started with Gumbo:

IMG 9049

Mixed green salad:

IMG 9050

Lobster, steak, potatoes and vegetables:

IMG 9051

We had to scoot out a bit early to pick up the kids so we grabbed some beignets on the way out. We went on several more rides before we called it a night.

In the morning, my husband and kids went on a few rides while I packed the room and got ready. We hit the road back to San Diego. On the way, we needed a quick lunch so we stopped at Del Taco. Not my favorite, but I made do with tacos and fries.

IMG 9059

We got home in time to change and head out to the Chargers vs Patriots game! 

IMG 9069

Unfortunately, the Chargers lost but the game was fun and I had a great time with friends. 

Monday morning's breakfast was egg beaters with salsa and cheddar cheese.

IMG 9071

My back is still not 100% so I skipped Cardio Muscle class. I went to a couple of meetings and a doctor appointment for my back. Lunch was a Greek Salad at Luna Grill, followed by a serious shopping trip to Target. My list was loooooong. 

IMG 9073

Dinner was a Caesar salad and pasta.

IMG 9075

IMG 9074

Basically what I make when I haven't had time to plan ahead for anything else. 

Breakfast on Tuesday was an English muffin with peanut butter.

IMG 9076

My husband took the kids to school so I had some extra time to get some stuff done around the house. I ran a ton of errands and stopped for lunch at Jersey Mike's. Turkey and provolone:

IMG 9077

I brought the kids home from school and headed out to Bunco at Diana's. 

IMG 9080

It was our annual Holiday Gift Exchange Bunco and Diana did such a beautiful job decorating and setting everything up. Dinner was a buffet of delicious Italian food.

IMG 9081

Dessert made the meal complete with brownies and cannolis.

IMG 9083

Dina and I:

IMG 9087

I ended up getting a great wine glass, wine cork and apron from the gift exchange. Thank you Diana for a fabulous night!!

This morning we were up before dawn to meet a bunch of friends for our bus ride to Los Angeles for our flight to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday! At the airport, we grabbed some breakfast at Ruby's. Breakfast burrito: 

IMG 9092

 I'm lucky to have free wifi on the plane so I'm able to send this from way up in the sky!!! :)

How do you deal with stress during the holiday season?

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