Limping Around

Thank you for all your well wishes for my broken foot! I appreciate all your kind words! I definitely mastered “the limp”. I may be slow but I’ve figured out how to get around.

Yesterday my mother in law came over to the beach house that we were staying at and brought the most delicious chili. I had two bowls.

October 2012 073

I held down my same spot all day long in the window seat facing the ocean. When dinner time rolled around, I practiced my limp as we all went to Spaghetti Factory. I’m not going to lie, I love Spaghetti Factory.

I love their bread and garlic butter:

October 2012 074

I love the pesto dressing that comes with the salad:

October 2012 075

I love the “Manager’s Special” where you can pick two pastas to combine. I rolled with the meat sauce and mizithra cheese sauce.

October 2012 076

These two sauces work so well together!

Guess what else I love?? The spumoni!

October 2012 077

I would have slept like a baby last night if it weren’t for my broken foot. It feels worse at night for whatever reason. Oh well.

This morning I stayed in bed for awhile enjoying the view of the ocean. Finally I got up and had a couple cups of coffee and a half a chocolate doughnut. The pickings were slim (none) in our beach house this morning. We got packed up, my husband went to work and I drove the kids back to San Diego. (It’s my left foot that’s broken so I can still drive!)

When I got home, I made a turkey sandwich before Lisa picked me up for my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.October 2012 078

Ready for my prognosis!

October 2012 072

Don’t read this next part if you get squeamish.

Here’s the deal: my surgery is tomorrow. The doctor doesn’t have to make an incision. Using a x-ray machine, he will move my bones back into place and pin them from the outside. The pins come out in about 4 weeks. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks. No cast and I will be able to shower on Friday. Not at all as bad as I thought it would be! Still crappy, but what are you going to do?

Hubby is working late so I found a container of Chili-Cheese Mac in the freezer and heated it up for dinner.

October 2012 079

I added a ton of Cholula to it and devoured it. I forgot how much I love this recipe!

I can’t eat past midnight tonight and my surgery isn’t until 1:30 tomorrow so there may be a snack in my future tonight. :)

Wish me luck!

Tell me your most embarrassing moment. Entertain me while I’m laid up. :)


  1. I had an embarrassing moment today that involves my ass. I might blog about it so I'm not going to do a spoiler. Glad you saw the surgeon!

  2. You poor thing! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. I broke my left foot a couple of years ago during a Bosu class at the gym, so I feel your pain! Wishing you a speedy recovery :-)

  4. I hope your surgery went well today!! Remember, tell your kids to fill the wine to the rim of the glass! :D

  5. glad they can do "remote surgery" - that is quite cool. I know when I broke mine it hurt a lot - hope that settles down quickly. Yes, wine would be good. I'll have to think of something to entertain you with....maybe from last night, we took a taxi home from friends house - i sat in front as I speak the most mandarin and my husband hasnt figured out how to explain where we live yet. So, he heads to our house and I decide to have a dialogue and tell him what we did that day - we left town and went hiking, etc as it was a holiday. So I spend a minute relaying the info - and he had totally ignored me, didnt say a work, even though I was clearly speaking in mandarin and used the right words.meanwhile my family was laughing their behinds off at my dorkiness! oy.

  6. Sorry about your foot! I said a prayer for your surgery which I think may be going on while I type this! If you need some entertainment during your recovery, check out todays' thankful thursday video. My husband is a goof!

  7. @Veronica Miller
    Thanks!! Going to check out your video now!


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