136.0…Keeping A Leg Up

The doctor told me the best thing to do for my broken foot is to keep my leg elevated. That’s hard when you have lots of things to do but I’ve been trying!

Sunday afternoon, my brother and his wife came over to my parent’s house to celebrate his birthday. For our birthdays, we get to choose our birthday meal. My brother chose King Taco this time. I ordered a carne asada burrito.

October 2012 115

No one else like what they ordered except for me. My brother did like his birthday cake from Baskin Robbins however.

October 2012 122

I should be more specific: he liked BOTH of his birthday cakes. You see, Baskin Robbins used to allow you to choose two flavors for your ice cream cakes. He would get his two favorites: Mint Chocolate Chip and Gold Medal Ribbon. Since they don’t allow it anymore and since he is spoiled, my mom gets him TWO cakes. One with Gold Medal Ribbon and the other with Mint Chocolate Chip. Must be nice to be my brother. :)

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was a toasted English muffin with peanut butter.

October 2012 123

My foot was feeling pretty good so I ran some errands with my mom including Target and picking up lunch at Corner Bakery. I had the BLT sandwich and a side salad.

October 2012 124

Delicious! I had a coupon for a free dessert so we split a fudge brownie.

October 2012 125

Also delicious! After lunch I drove the two hours home. I picked the kids up from school, came home to help my son with homework and then went with Lisa for a quick sushi dinner at Koi Sushi.

I had some yellowtail and tuna to start.

October 2012 126

I also ordered the Hawaiian Roll.

October 2012 127

It was very good!

By the time dinner was over and I put the kids to bed, my foot was KILLING me. I WAY overdid it. I don’t think I put my foot up at all that day. Even my pain pill didn’t cut it. Ugh. I saw every hour on the clock last night. :(

This morning I need some good fuel for breakfast to get me going. I opted for scrambled egg beaters, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

October 2012 128

I dropped the kids off at school and came back home for Lisa to pick me up for our girls’ spa day! We picked up Starbucks along the way (can you say “extra shot of espresso, please!”?) and made our way over to the Hyatt Mission Bay for their “Spa Week” special.

October 2012 130

See! My leg’s up now! 

After our fabulous massages, we relaxed by the pool (leg up) and enjoyed lunch. I ordered a Cobb salad. It was excellent!

October 2012 129

Eventually it was time to head home to pick up the kids, get homework done and put my leg back up where it is now. I really need to take it easy but I have a hard time doing that. :)

Are you good at resting when you need it or do you just push through?


  1. When I was younger I'd take any excuse to take it easy - now I just keep thinking of all the things I need/want to do, but I've never broken a bone before - even when I was a 4 season athlete in high school and college!

  2. I am not good at taking it easy. I wish I was, but always think of something I could or should be doing. Try to keep off it as much as you can!

  3. Two cakes?! Lucky guy! (I hope your foot is feeling better!)


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