137.8 yesterday…Getting Around

For someone with a broken foot with pins in it, I sure have been getting around.

Thursday night, my husband worked late so I was on my own for dinner. I had a leftover taco from my post-surgery Taco Bell run and decided that would be dinner.

October 2012 108

I decided that wasn’t enough so I heated up the last of the Chili-Cheese Mac.

October 2012 109

Friday morning I woke up in pain. Ugh. I hobbled downstairs and made a quick piece of toast with butter so I could take a pain pill.

October 2012 110

Much better! After the medicine started working, I got dressed and Lisa picked me up to meet the girls for sushi at Love Boat. You know I’m not one to miss any event. Heck…I was at Bunco a few hours after being under general anesthesia! Yes, I’m certified nuts.

Back to the sushi….I enjoyed some edamame and sashimi.

October 2012 111

As well as my favorite roll: Wasabi roll!

October 2012 112

Sinuses were all clear after this roll was eaten. :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with my foot up. Eventually I had to face reality and get up to pick up the kids from school. I got home, managed to get the laundry going and make a lemon cake for my mom. At that point, I was exhausted. I always try to do too much. Oh well.

Lisa came through again and took my kids and her kids to our club for their “kids club night.” So now my husband and I had a few hours to ourselves. He offered to take me out to dinner and guess what? I said no. I really was that tired. So we decided on picking up Los Primos. It rocked.

October 2012 113

I shared a bean and cheese burrito and mini carne asada tacos. It really was fabulous. Lisa dropped the kids off and everyone went straight to bed.

Yesterday morning my husband and kids made pancakes for breakfast.

October 2012 103


My son went to his tennis lesson and I took my first shower since my surgery. So…I have pins in my foot that stick out. I was NOT looking forward to seeing them. I unwrapped my foot in bed (in case I passed out-seriously-I have a high pain tolerance but very low mental tolerance for this stuff) and did not pass out fortunately but it was gross. I did take a picture but I will spare you.

Shower was a success, got the foot wrapped back up and then made a tuna sandwich for lunch.

October 2012 104

I dropped the kids off at their scouts thing and then hit the road for Los Angeles. I stopped at Starbucks for an iced latte on the way.

October 2012 105

I’m visiting my parents until Monday. It was my brother’s birthday recently so we are all celebrating today.

Last night we picked up Green Burrito for dinner. I had a bean and cheese burrito.

October 2012 114

It wasn’t that good. Their hot sauce SUCKS. Sometimes that makes or breaks a meal for me.

My dad wanted corned beef hash and a poached egg for breakfast. I thought that sounded pretty good so I enjoyed some as well.

October 2012 106

I’m now currently icing my foot, getting ready for the birthday celebration and hanging out with my parent’s dog, Oliver:

October 2012 107

Look at that face! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Favorite condiment of all time? Hot sauce! Duh!


  1. Oliver is so darn cute! I am a big fan of any sort of dressing and hummus.


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