135.8 yesterday, 139.0 today…From Surgery To Bunco

I survived foot surgery yesterday to repair my broken bone.

October 2012 080

I’m sexy and I know it.

Lisa took me to my surgery and waited for me during it. You have to bring a photographer with you wherever you go right? You know, to take pictures of you coming out of general anesthesia.

October 2012 081

Even sexier. I tried to make up for it after I woke up and started to feel a bit better.

October 2012 082

What did Lisa say after this picture….oh yeah…”Wham. Bam. Back to Glam.” :)

So here’s my new x-ray:

October 2012 083

The black thing running up my foot on the left side is actually 3 pins that are holding my bones in place. The pins will come out in about 4 weeks. Fun!

When I was feeling up to it, the nurses wheeled me to Lisa’s car and then we went through the Taco Bell drive thru because a bean and cheese burrito were all I could think about. I mean, it was probably close to 3:30 at that point and I hadn’t eaten since the night before. The burrito was bomb.

I came home to rest for a bit and decided that I felt well enough to go to Bunco. Yes, I’m legitimately nuts. It’s ok…everyone knows it.

Nurse Lisa picked me up and away we went to Kat’s house for a good time.

October 2012 085

I put my foot up, had a few sips of wine and enjoyed some delicious appetizers that Kat had prepared.

October 2012 084

Cheese ravioli skewers with pesto, meatballs and figs on goat cheese crostinis. Loved everything!

Cathi and Annette:

October 2012 089

Silvana, Kat and Tami:

October 2012 091

Dina and I:

October 2012 094

Cathi and Kat:

October 2012 096

Brooke and Silvana:

October 2012 097

Tami and “Nurse Lisa”:

October 2012 099

Do you know what I also enjoyed??

October 2012 087

Mini cream puffs!

October 2012 086

Yes, I almost finished this plate of them.  I came home, popped a pain pill and called it a night.

I expected to be in pain this morning but it wasn’t too bad. I ate some crackers, took another pain pill just in case and relaxed in front of the TV.

Nurse Lisa came over late with a Starbucks coffee and heated up the leftovers from last night that Kat lovingly sent home with me. Thank you girls!

October 2012 102

Don’t I have the best friends ever!?!

I spent the entire day with my foot elevated in bed. I have been catching up my DVR shows and it has been quite incredible I have to admit. :)

When was the last day you stayed in bed all day?

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  1. Just back from vacation and catching up on my google reader..that sucks about your foot!! Hope it's not hurting too bad and everyone is waiting on you :-) You are very lucky to have such good friends!

  2. I hope you feel better quickly!!

  3. Glad your surgery went well and hope you have a speedy recovery!

  4. Only you can come out of surgery looking better than I do when I've put myself together for 30 minutes!

    Glad you went well - and you are crazeballs for going out!


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