137.2…Dangerous Foods

Tuesday was very relaxed at my parent’s house. We hung out, watched TV and picked up El Pollo Loco for dinner. I love that place.

October 2012 174

Two piece white meat chicken meal with tortillas and cole slaw. 

Yesterday morning’s breakfast was a toasted bagel thin with herb and chive cream cheese.

October 2012 175

Before I left my parent’s house for San Diego, I made a quick salami sandwich on wheat bread.

October 2012 176

Salami is one of the things I cannot keep in my house. It is a dangerous food. I would eat it all at once. I cannot help myself around it. I don’t buy it…I just go to other people’s houses that have it and eat it there. :)

Other dangerous foods: pizza, chocolate chip cookies and cheese.

I drove straight from Los Angeles to a cooking class at our club. It was a class on grilling.

October 2012 178

We sat outside on what turned out to be a lovely afternoon and watched the chef grill up all sorts of things. I enjoyed some wine while watching the grill master at work.

October 2012 177

Salmon and veggies:

October 2012 179

Loved the grilled veggies! The salmon was perfectly cooked….just a bit of pink in the middle.

Steak with a chimichurri sauce:

October 2012 180

I think I could eat chimichurri sauce straight with a spoon. So good!

Pound cake, Chantilly cream and strawberries:

October 2012 181

What went on the grill? The strawberries were put in foil with balsamic vinegar and rosemary until they became a bit macerated. Delicious!

This morning I had a cinnamon raisin English muffin with peanut butter and strawberries. I’m really loving these English muffins!

October 2012 182

I took the kids to school and went to some appointments. Lunch was a quick stop at the Corner Bakery for a half BLT sandwich with a cup of baked potato soup. Very comforting.

October 2012 183

I went to a meeting at the school and came home. I need to pick up the kiddos soon and then we are meeting some friends at our club for dinner. Enjoy your evening!

What are your dangerous foods?


  1. Peanut Butter! I can't even keep it in the house!

  2. omg! you just made me super hungry again. Nutella is my dangerous addiction! I can eat a jar in 3 days! hahahaha

  3. Popcorn. I can eat so much of it!

  4. Pizza, choc chip cookies, good ice cream.....yum!!!

  5. @Mellissa
    So funny...you will never see me eat even a bite of popcorn. Not a favorite food. :)


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