138.2…The Wahoo’s Diet

Alicia and her family came over for hot wings last night.

September 2012 099

It has been SO long since we made our famous Restaurant Style Buffalo Chicken Wings. Just the smell when I was frying them was exciting!

September 2012 100

Alicia picked up a salad at Urban Plates to complement the wings. Salad is really just filler but we need to have something to make it seem like we aren’t just eating a big bowl of hot wings for dinner (which we are).

September 2012 101
September 2012 102
I didn’t go too nuts…only ate 10 this time so no world record.  It was hard not to though….I love my hot wings!

Yesterday the kids didn’t have school again so I slept in. It was too close to my spin class to eat a big breakfast so I ate a Larabar on the way to the gym.

September 2012 103

After class, I took the kids for haircuts and then met Lisa and Annette at Wahoo’s. You may be wondering: why is she always at Wahoo’s lately!?! Well, Lisa and Annette eat there a lot and seem to lose a ton of weight doing it. They eat the same fish tacos ever day.

September 2012 104

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and join them on the “Wahoo’s Diet.”  Their fish tacos are so good….I don’t mind eating them everyday.

After lunch I took the kids to my sister in law’s house. She made a great dinner of pasta, sauce, corn and chicken.

September 2012 105

I love being cooked for! 

This morning’s breakfast was the rest of the Fage yogurt leftover from my Tomato-Yogurt Chicken Curry.

September 2012 106

I added Cascadian Farms granola, strawberries, raspberries and honey.

I dropped the kids off at school, went to a PTO meeting and then met the girls at the gym. I actually ran for a bit on the treadmill which I haven’t done in awhile! I ran for about 15 minutes. It actually felt good. I guess I still have it! :)

Guess what lunch was?

September 2012 107

You’re right! It’s not old yet!

What’s the strangest diet you’ve been on?


  1. An old boss of mine tried to convince me to do a colon cleanse first, to let him know how it went - it was weird you had to drink lemon juice with cayenne pepper three times a day - no thanks!

    Have a great weekend Mel!

  2. That's it I am having salad and wings sometime this weekend!


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