140.0…Control Freak

I’m a control freak. Just want to put that out there. I like things “my way or the highway”. When there’s a pile on my desk or something out of place, it needs to get taken care of right away. Lately, I feel like I haven’t had time to take care of all these little things and now they are piling up and making bigger things. It stresses me out. Are you like that too?

Part of the problem is that I feel like I’m not in my house long enough to take care of this stuff. Now that I’m going to Los Angeles once a week, I lose a couple of days of my week right there. It’s worth it though….I love visiting my parents and seeing my dad improving each time I come.

Thursday night we decided to pick up Luciano’s for dinner.  I split the Linguine with Clams with red sauce with my dad.

September 2012 038

It was awesome. I would order that again in a heartbeat. I also shared garlic cheese bread with my mom.

September 2012 039

Who can say no to cheesy garlic bread!?!  I brought the rest of the red velvet cake with me. I had a small slice. Red velvet cake is another thing that’s hard to say no to.

September 2012 040

Yesterday morning I had an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast.

September 2012 041

I got packed up and hit the road for San Diego. I stopped at Luna Grill for lunch and had a Greek salad with a chicken kabob.

September 2012 042

That salad is so good!

Afterwards I got my nails done, picked up the kids from school and came home. We took the kids and met Alicia and her husband and kids at our club for dinner. I started with a wedge salad.

September 2012 043

Craptastic photo but it tasted good! That’s where the good things ended. It was sushi night and I decided to try a roll. There were only two on the menu so I chose the tuna and salmon one. The other roll had cream cheese in it which I hate on sushi. I don’t understand the whole cream cheese with sushi thing. 

My roll arrived and it looked beautiful.

September 2012 045

Except for the white bits in it. Cream cheese. I’m not going to even go into it but it took forever for them to tell me if it was cream cheese or not, then telling me it was a misprint on the menu and THEN when I asked for one without cream cheese, they had run out. Huh? They did end up giving me a plain spicy tuna roll which tasted like bad grocery store sushi. Oh well, you can win them all…although control freaks like me try to!

This morning I slept in until 7am which is a lovely treat. My kids wanted pancakes so my son helped me make the batter and helped my husband flip the pancakes. They turned out great! He was very proud of himself.

September 2012 046

After breakfast I went to spin class. Then I came home to get the kids packed up (they are staying at their cousin’s house tonight) and me packed up (we are going to a wedding tonight at Estancia in La Jolla). See what I mean about me never being home!!

I made a quick tuna sandwich for lunch before dropping the kids off at an event.

September 2012 047

Now I’m at the hotel, relaxing with a glass of champagne. All the piles on my desk will have to wait.

Do you consider yourself a control freak?

Do you like cream cheese in sushi?


  1. You would make a terrible "sub". And I don't mean the sandwich. Lol!
    Yes, I just finished the "50-shades" series. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. Every single one of these things looks incredible good to me. I now have some ideas for dining in the coming week.


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