150.8...No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

Last night we hosted a barbecue for my husband’s company. I made some old favorite recipes but a few new ones as well. I made two new desserts, the first of which was No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cereal Bars. They are Rice Krispies Treats on a whole new level!

IMG 1138

No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

Recipe adapted from Food Network Magazine, September 2015


1/2 stick butter

10-ounce bag mini marshmallows 

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

6 cups chocolate crispy rice cereal

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips


1. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray.

2. Melt butter with mini marshmallows and peanut butter in a large pot, stirring, until smooth.

3. Stir in cereal, then mini chocolate chips. Press into the prepared pan and let cool.

Printable Recipe

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Wednesday night was our annual “My Favorite Things” party at Cathi’s house. The premise for the party is that you bring a favorite item of your ($10 or under) for each person attending the party. It could be anything: food, beauty, clothes, etc. You explain why you love it and go home with everyone’s favorites!

Cathi had out some delicious appetizers. I brought Goat Cheese with Fig Butter.

IMG 1055

IMG 1054

IMG 1053

IMG 1051

I sampled a bit of everything. 

IMG 1035

Cathi even made us yummy desserts!

IMG 1052

And we all got to go home with tons of fun stuff! 

IMG 1056

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 1050

I met my trainer at the gym, then went to my dentist appointment. For lunch I tried Fish District. I had the Spicy Poke Bowl and it was delicious! 

IMG 1057

That evening I went with my husband and some friends to our club for their golf tournament dinner. The evening started out with appetizers and cocktails. I enjoyed some sushi to start. 

IMG 1058

Dinner was served buffet style and had an Asian theme. The food was really good!

IMG 1059

We hung out for a bit then called it a night.

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 1065

I took my husband’s car in to get repaired. I came home to get stuff done around the house. Lunch was a turkey sandwich with pretzel thins, Bitchin Sauce and pickles: 

IMG 1066

For dinner my husband and I went to the Pony Room at Rancho Valencia. We shared the Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad and Buffalo Popcorn Chicken Bites to start. 

IMG 1069

IMG 1070

I had the New Zealand Lamb Lollipops.

IMG 1071

We had the Pony Warm Chocolate Cake for dessert. 

IMG 1072

The food is seriously delicious there. Funny that the dessert was actually my least favorite of them all!

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 1097

I cleaned out the garage and it looks awesome. 

Lunch was a repeat of the day before. 

IMG 1099

My husband and I went to Costco to get stuff for the barbecue that was yesterday.

We had the final dinner for the golf tournament that evening. There was another delicious buffet. 

IMG 1102

Everything was awesome!!

Sunday’s breakfast missed the camera somehow. We went to Rancho Santa Fe Food Company which I had never been to. My husband had been recently for dinner and enjoyed it. I was boring and ordered an egg white omelet which was good but nothing special. They had some yummy different eggs Benedict that I would try next time!

I went grocery shopping for the barbecue and came home to make several of the recipes including my version of Baja Fresh Salsa:

IMG 1108

Our friend Jessy came home and we went back to the Pony Room for dinner. We shared so much goodness.

Brandt Farm Beef Sliders (My favorite thing there):

IMG 1112

Swordfish Bites:

IMG 1114

Buttermilk Calamari & Shishito Peppers:

IMG 1116

Crispy Brussels & Bacon:

IMG 1117

Hamachi & Jalapeños: 

IMG 1118

Ridiculous. Everything was awesome!

Yesterday’s breakfast:  

IMG 1126

I cooked/prepped all day. I had a quick lunch of cheddar cheese, pretzel things and Bitchin Sauce. I wanted to save room for all the good stuff I made for the barbecue.

IMG 1128

I got all the appetizers out and then it was go time!

Slow Cooker Taco Dip:

IMG 1129

That disappeared the fastest. 

Mexican Street Corn Dip:

IMG 1130

My Favorite Guacamole:

IMG 1131

Baja Fresh Salsa:

IMG 1132

Pico de Gallo:

IMG 1133

Homemade Margaritas (recipe to come):

IMG 1134

Then it was time for the main event: Pollo Asado & Carne Asada Tacos.

IMG 1142

I also made Mexican Bean Salad and Creamy Cole Slaw which didn’t get photographed. Too busy!

Besides the No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cereal Bars, I made Triple-Decker Bars (recipe to come) which were fabulous! 

IMG 1136

IMG 1138

Great success! And barely any leftovers! Yes!

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 1148

I went to Orange Theory with Alicia. I hadn’t been in awhile. Fortunately I survived. 

I got my nails done and stopped for lunch at Marketplace Grill. 

IMG 1149

Tonight’s plan is to clean off my desk a bit and maybe grab some sushi!

Side note: This was supposed to post yesterday but I was having trouble posting. 

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