Tuesday, January 31, 2017

137.4...Chopped Salad Obsessions

For dinner Wednesday night I made an easy dinner. Whole wheat penne pasta, Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs, marinara and sautéed onions and zucchini. Delicious.

IMG 2698

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 2699

I took the kids to school, went to the gym, then home to take care of my husband, who was recovering from minor surgery. Some friends generously sent us lunch from Milton’s. 

IMG 2701

Milton’s Chopped Salad. 

I took my daughter to her tennis lesson and my son to his basketball game. I picked up Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza for dinner. 

IMG 2705

My husband and I shared a Chopped Chicken Salad. I definitely have an obsession with chopped salads. I believe all salads should be chopped. Those little pieces of everything make it so much better! :)

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 2707

I took the kids to school, then hit the gym. I met some friends for some shopping and lunch. We stopped at Sushiya for lunch.

Miso soup:

IMG 2708

En Fuego Roll:

IMG 2709

Yellowtail, salmon and tuna nigiri:

IMG 2710

I took the kids home from school then met some friends at Belly Up for Lisa’s birthday. 

IMG 2734

IMG 2735

IMG 2738

We enjoyed the music, a little dancing and some sweet potato fries. Afterwards we all went to dinner at Brigantine. I went big and ordered their burger and cole slaw:

IMG 2711

It was simply amazing. AMAZING.

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 2715

I did laundry and some stuff around the house. Lunch was tuna salad on Ezekiel toast with pickles.

IMG 2717

I took my son to basketball practice and I went to the gym. 

That evening my husband and I went to a friend’s son’s bar mitzvah at Parq in downtown. They had a fabulous sushi buffet which I hit up a couple of times. 

IMG 2719

IMG 2720

It was such a fun night! 

Sunday’s breakfast had a bit of twist. I toasted some cinnamon raisin bread and added peanut butter. Yum!

IMG 2730

We went to the Farmer’s Open Golf Tournament for the day. Lunch was a pretty delicious buffet.

IMG 2731

IMG 2732

I had a raspberry bar for dessert.

We came home and took a nap. When it came time for dinner, we weren’t hungry so we just skipped it and went to bed early. Lol.

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 2739

I dropped the kids off at school and went to the gym. I ran some errands and came home for lunch. I reheated the leftover turkey meatballs and ate it with some roasted Brussels sprouts. 

IMG 2742

It made for a fabulous combination!

Dinner was Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef, brown rice and more Brussels sprouts. 

IMG 2744

This recipe is seriously fabulous. You need to try it if you haven’t already.

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 2746

After I took the kids to school, I went to the gym. This was followed by an appointment, errands, then lunch at Urban Plates. 

IMG 2766

This is currently one of my favorite meals. Everything they make there is unreal.

I’m trying a new recipe tonight…trying to get back into the kitchen on a more regular basis. Life has been crazy!

Are you a chopped salad fan? Favorite chopped salad?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

136.2...A Wine Surprise

On Friday night it was just me and the kids. They decided on Souplantation for dinner. I usually fight them but I didn’t have it in me. Turned out ok though…I didn’t know Souplantation had wine! Maybe I won’t complain about going anymore. ;)

IMG 2655

Saturday’s breakfast was a scrambled egg and three egg whites on toasted Ezekiel bread with avocado and half a grapefruit. 

IMG 2657

I was supposed to go the gym but I had so much to do before leaving for Los Angeles that I skipped it. I felt guilty but not going relieved a lot of stress. 

I dropped my dogs at the dog sitter and the kids and I headed to Los Angeles for my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. We only had time to eat in the car so we picked up Taco Bell. 

IMG 2663

I had the Chicken Power Burrito again. Seriously not bad for 450 calories.

We arrived at my brother’s house and hung out for the rest of the day. We snacked on some salami and cheese before dinner which was Sugarfish takeout.  

IMG 2664

Seriously the best takeout ever. 

Sunday morning my brother made breakfast burritos with egg whites, cheese, onions, avocado and pinto beans. 

IMG 2668

He makes the best breakfast burrito. 

The rest of the day was kind of chaotic. Lunch was more salami, cheese and other snacks that were put out for the party. My son wasn’t feeling well so I took him to urgent care and missed the party. I picked up my daughter afterwards and we drove back to San Diego. 

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 2673

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym. 

Lunch was tuna salad on Ezekiel bread and pickles. 

IMG 2674

I went to my son’s school basketball game and then we all came home. 

We went to dinner at Benihana. 

Onion Soup:

IMG 2679


IMG 2680

Steak, shrimp, veggies and chicken fried rice:

IMG 2681

One of my favorite meals. 

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 2684

After I dropped the kids off, I went to the gym. I ran some errands stopping at Urban Plates for lunch. 

IMG 2686

Seared Albacore, Brussels Sprouts, Miso Sweet Potatoes and Mushrooms. Epic.

My husband had minor surgery so I spent the evening taking care of him. I wasn’t in the mood to make a real dinner so I cooked an egg and a few egg whites and added to toasted Ezekiel bread. I sprinkled some cheddar cheese and hot sauce on top and dinner was done. 

IMG 2692

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 2694

I took the kids to school, then went to Orange Theory. 

I came back home to tend to my poor husband who has never had surgery before and clearly cannot deal with pain. Poor guy.

Lunch was tuna salad on toasted Ezekiel with pickles. 

IMG 2695

I’m off to pick up the kids from school then will resume my nursing duties!

How high/low is your pain tolerance? Have you had surgery before?

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Friday, January 20, 2017

137.2...Sushi, Sushi and More Sushi

Tuesday night I ate some more of the Vittorio’s leftovers before heading to book club.

IMG 2620

There was a delicious looking spread on the table when we arrived. I managed to not eat it because I sat as far away from the food as possible. Lol.

IMG 2624

We discussed “The Golden Sun” and had the privilege of having the author, Shilpi Somaya Gowda, join us! Made for a really exciting book club!

Wednesday’s breakfast:

IMG 2625

I took the kids to school then went to the gym. That was followed by an appointment, some errands and lunch at Luna Grill:

IMG 2627

I went to two of my son’s basketball games. The first one went into triple overtime with them coming out victorious but I lost the 45 minutes I had planned for dinner. We ended up going through the Taco Bell drive through on our way to the next event. I ordered a Chicken Power Burrito (450 calories and not bad!) and ate it in the car while driving. I cannot stand eating in my car but sometimes it has to be done. 

Breakfast Thursday: 

IMG 2630

After I dropped the kids off at school, I went to the gym. No tennis because it was raining. 

Lunch was tuna salad on toasted Ezekiel bread and pickles:

IMG 2636

That night I went to dinner at Ken's Sushi Workshop with some friends. We had a fabulous meal and an even better time! Lots of yumminess to share:

IMG 2637

IMG 2638

IMG 2639

IMG 2640

IMG 2641

IMG 2643

IMG 2644

I love sushi.

Today’s breakfast on this very rainy day:

IMG 2648

After I dropped the kids off at school, I went to Orange Theory and got my butt kicked as usual. 

I’ve been lifting heavier weights so I’ve started drinking protein shakes after my workouts.

IMG 2650

I really don’t like drinking my calories (unless it’s wine) but it’s nice and filling and I’m not starving by 11AM anymore!

I had an issue with my car so I had to take it in to get fixed. I needed some groceries so I picked up lunch at the store as well.

IMG 2651

More sushi! Is there ever enough? I doubt it. 

How often do you eat your meals in the car?

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