Wednesday, March 1, 2017

138.8...Sensational Shrimp

It’s amazing how fast a week flies by! Let’s get caught up….

Last Wednesday night I heated up some Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumpling Soup that I had pulled out of the freezer. 

IMG 2989

It reheated perfectly!! Need to make this again!

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 2990

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym. I came home to get some stuff done around the house, then headed out to run some errands. I stopped for lunch at The Green Spot Salad Company and had my usual Ginger Ahi Bowl.

IMG 2993

They were out of brown rice this time so I went with their wild rice/quinoa blend which was good too.

My daughter had a tennis lesson that afternoon. Afterwards we went to Firenze  for dinner. I ordered a Caesar salad with salmon which was very good!

IMG 2998

Friday’s breakfast:

IMG 3001

I took the kids to school, then to the gym for a run on the treadmill. 

I went to Sushi on the Rock for lunch with Alicia. Miso soup:

IMG 3010

Tuna, salmon and yellowtail nigiri:

IMG 3011

 Firecracker and Nighthawk Rolls;

IMG 3012

Weekly sushi fix complete.

The kids had cotillion that night so we stopped for dinner at Leucadia Pizza in between. I ordered the Greek Salad with Shrimp:

IMG 3013

Saturday’s breakfast was a bit different. I decided to have peanut butter on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. 

IMG 3014

I made it to the gym for an hour. My son went golfing with my husband and my daughter had a friend over so I took them to Pizza Rev for lunch. 

IMG 3016

Seriously one of my favorite meals. 

That evening we went to a fundraiser with some friends for a board my husband is on. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla. The evening was complete with dinner and dancing. Our meal started out with a tomato and mozzarella salad:

IMG 3030

That was followed by salmon for dinner:

IMG 3031

Dessert was hard to pass up. Cute little jars with different treats inside:

IMG 3032

Then, somehow, my friend Yamia and I ended up dancing on stage. It was definitely and entreating evening! 

IMG 3033

Sunday’s breakfast:

IMG 3034

We headed to Los Angeles for my niece’s baptism. Following we all had a late lunch at Sol Cocina in Playa Vista. We shared everything family style: guacamole, chips, salad, taquitos and various tacos. The food was really good!

IMG 3041

IMG 3042

Our meal ended with a fantastic lemon cake from Susie Cakes!

IMG 3043

Sugary heaven!

Afterwards we drove back to San Diego.

Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 3044

I went to the gym, followed by a meeting. I stopped for lunch at Urban Plates. 

IMG 3045

Albacore, Brussels Sprouts and Miso Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes.

Dinner that night was easy. I defrosted a chicken meatball from a previous Firenze visit and added it to some whole wheat penne, sautéed zucchini and marinara:

IMG 3047

Yesterday’s breakfast:

IMG 3050

I took the kids to school, went to an appointment, then the gym. Next up was a cooking class taught by Phillis Carey at the La Jolla Community Center. It had been awhile since I’d been to one! This class was “Sensational Shrimp” and was all about different shrimp recipes, obviously!

The first recipe was Sautéed Shrimp Cocktail with Avocados, Tomatoes, Olives and Fresh Lime:

IMG 3052

This was delicious! I think I could eat a vat of it!

The second recipe was Tequila Lime Shrimp Pasta with Feta Cheese:

IMG 3053

This was good but a bit tangy for my tastes. I did enjoy the feta on it though!

Next up was Thai Lemon Shrimp Toss with Sweet Chili Sauce, Coconut Milk, Lime Leaves and Jasmine Rice:

IMG 3054

This was amazing. So easy to throw together and tasted fabulous!

The last shrimp recipe was Shrimp and Tomato Risotto with Fresh Basil:

IMG 3055

I really enjoyed this one too. Very comforting.

Of course there was a yummy dessert. Blackberry-Ripple Lime Cheesecake:

IMG 3056

This might be one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had! The recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar and made a huge difference in the creaminess! 

Last night was Bunco at Dina’s house. There was an amazing spread of Persian food to enjoy! One of my favorites! 

IMG 5763

 IMG 5764

IMG 5765

IMG 5766

I had two plates that looked like this one:

IMG 3063

I wasn’t planning on eating dessert but it’s hard to say no when it looks like this:

IMG 3064

IMG 3065

Such a nice time catching up with my friends!! Thanks Dina!

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 3066

I took the kids to school, then went to Orange Theory. The treadmill portion of the class was the hardest one yet!

I picked up Marketplace Grill’s Grilled Chicken Greek Salad for lunch to eat at home while I got some work done.

IMG 3069

Have a great rest of your day!

If you had to pick one type of cuisine to eat the rest of your life, what would it be? Italian for me!

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