136.4...Crazy Week

It definitely has been a busy week so far. We got back Sunday night from Deer Valley. As much as I dislike ski trips and being in the cold weather, it turned out to be a really relaxing trip.

While my husband and kids were skiing Saturday, I had lunch at our hotel, Stein Eriksen Lodge.  I had the Ahi & Avocado Chopped Salad (hardboiled egg, garden vegetables, avocado vinaigrette):

IMG 4361

It was excellent! I really enjoyed it. 

I had worked out earlier that morning so I felt like I earned some late afternoon delights:

IMG 4364

For dinner we went to Squatters. I had the Ground Ahi Burger (orca bay yellowfin tuna ground with fresh herbs and spices, with pico de gallo, cilantro cabbage, avocado and wasabi aioli) and a salad:

IMG 4365

I ordered this the last time I ate there, and enjoyed it equally this time.

We all went to the breakfast buffet Sunday morning. I had the same thing as the day before: toast with Dijon mustard, lox, cucumbers and tomatoes. 

IMG 4371

Along with their yummy maple bacon! They also had chilaquiles with poached eggs!

IMG 4372

Such a great breakfast!

Everyone skied for a bit, then we packed up and headed towards the airport. We stopped at Main Street Pizza & Noodle for lunch. My husband and I shared the Santa Fe Salad (mixed greens, black beans, baby corn, avocado, onions, salsa and tortilla strips):

IMG 4373

As well as the Santa Fe Chicken Pizza (grilled chicken breast marinated in lime and herbs with red onions, mozzarella cheese, fresh cilantro and a side of salsa, sour cream and guacamole):

IMG 4374

I thought the salad was just ok but the pizza was delicious!

We flew back to San Diego and picked up Milton’s for dinner. I had the Milton’s Chopped Salad:

IMG 4376

I wasn’t super hungry so I ate about a quarter of it and saved it for later.

Ah Monday morning. How I despise you. At least I have my usual breakfast to look forward to.

 IMG 4379

After I took the kids to school, I went to the gym, then my nail appointment then it was home for lunch. I ate the rest of my salad.

IMG 4514

That evening, we met Asaf & Yamia for dinner at Market. They took us out to celebrate my belated 40th birthday. I love how my birthday celebrations never end!

 My fabulous meal started with Tuna Tartare:

IMG 4652

It was light and delicious. My entree was the Cod with Ramen Noodles:

IMG 4653

Another winner!! The cod was perfectly tender.

For dessert we ordered the Chocolate-Butterscotch Tasting (warm chocolate soufflé cake, butterscotch custard, malted chocolate ice cream, pretzel crunch):

IMG 4654

Heaven. The pretzel crunch on the ice cream was the best part.

I also enjoyed a special birthday treat:

IMG 4655

Let the celebrations never end! ;)

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 4656

After I took the kids to school, I met my husband and some friends and we hit the road for Palm Desert. I’m excited to announce that we are now the proud owner of a home there! My mom lives there so this is really exciting. We met up with her and checked out the house. 

Lunch was at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Fresh Agave. I had one of their kick-a** margaritas (you only need one!) and their table-side guacamole. 

IMG 4658

I ordered the Camerones Diablos and boy was it spicy!

IMG 4659

Holy cow. I rarely say something is too spicy but that almost was!

After lunch, we headed straight back home for my son’s school baseball game. Right after that, I quickly got dressed and headed to Pamela’s house for Bunco. She had a St. Patrick’s Day theme and everyone had to wear some sort of combination of green, wine and gold. 

We enjoyed some appetizers before dinner. 

IMG 4662

There were two different types of salads, chicken pot pie, Brussels sprouts, Irish soda bread and other goodies. 

IMG 4663

Everything was really good especially the chicken pot pie. I can’t remember the last time I had that.

Dessert was especially yummy:

IMG 4665

It was a rich chocolate tort with caramel filling. Worth the calories for sure!

IMG 4669

IMG 4668

Thanks Pamela for a great evening!! 

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 4670

I took the kids to school, then off to the gym. I came home to get some stuff done, then went out to run errands. I stopped for lunch at The Green Spot Salad Company and had my favorite Ginger Ahi Bowl:

IMG 4674

I came home to this special surprise from my friend Stacy:

IMG 4678

Yummy #MG40 cupcakes from Sprinkles! She definitely knows the way to my heart!

Cupcakes or cake? Cupcakes all the way!!! 

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