135.0...Reality Bites

I mean…technically it doesn’t, but when you come back from an AMAZING 40th birthday party in Cabo, it does bite a bit. ;) I’m sure you want to hear all about it but you’re going to have to wait. :) I currently have about 1,000 pictures to sort through so I can share my favorites. It may take some time but I promise I will share them soon!

What I can share right now is my eats before and after the trip. Not as exciting, I know, but stay with me people!

The Sunday before last’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with green onions and cheddar cheese:

IMG 3181

I went to the gym and came home to get stuff done around the house. Lunch was leftover Taco Soup.

IMG 3190

For dinner, we went to Burger Night at our club with our friends Stacey & Dave and their kids. Standard turkey burger, lettuce wrapped, with tomatoes, red onions, jalapeños, chipotle aioli and a side of sweet potato fries. 

IMG 3206

We decided to split a couple of sundaes and they put them into individual bowls:

IMG 3207

The splurge was worth it!

Last Monday’s breakfast:

IMG 3210

I took the kids to school, then went to the gym. Lunch was Urban Plates:

IMG 3211

I went to an appointment, then picked up the kids from school and went to their orthodontist appointment. 

We went to dinner at Alicia and Joe’s. They ordered Vittorio’s for delivery. Two different kinds of pasta and Caesar salad:

IMG 3212

Last Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 3213

After I dropped off the kids, I went to a meeting, then to the gym. Then it was a couple of appointments, followed by a quick sushi lunch at Gami Sushi.

IMG 3217

IMG 3218

IMG 3220

The usual. 

I had another meeting at the school, then brought the kids home. I took my daughter to a cooking class at our club. We made homemade chicken nuggets and fries. 

IMG 3222

The chicken nuggets might be the best ones I’ve ever had. They ended up being my dinner. My daughter and I will have to make these at home for sure!

Wednesday’s breakfast: 

IMG 3224

Then we left for Cabo through Sunday evening. To say I was exhausted Sunday night would but an understatement. All I wanted was some good, greasy food and my bed. Enter Burger Night. 

IMG 3406

With a bun. Yep. Lettuce wrap was not going to cut it. Neither were sweet potato fries. I needed onion rings and fries. Hit the spot. Then I crashed hard!

Monday was a very rude awakening. I felt like I got hit by a truck and had almost no voice left.

Breakfast was almost the usual except I ran out of avocado so I used a bit of butter instead.

IMG 3407

After I took the kids to school, I actually made it to the gym. I did feel a lot better afterwards!

I had parent-teacher conferences at the school, then lunch at Urban Plates. Then it was some much needed grocery shopping.

IMG 3436

My husband was working late and I just didn’t have it in me to make anything complicated for dinner so I just heated up Trader Joe’s Split Pea Soup.

IMG 4222

It was really good!

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 4287

School drop off, then back to the gym. I came home to meet a repair man, then had lunch. I bought this Veggie Wrap with Hummus when I was at Trader Joe’s so that was lunch along with the rest of the pea soup.

IMG 4292

IMG 4293

I really enjoyed it! Winner!

I went to my son’s school baseball game, then we went to PF Chang’s for dinner. We shared lettuce wraps:

IMG 4304

I ordered the Hong Kong Style Sea Bass with brown rice:

IMG 4305

I had never had this before and it was excellent!

That’s about it. I’m started to feel a bit more rested and my voice is almost normal again! I think I’m getting too old for this stuff. ;)

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