145.8...A Bunco and a Birthday

It was a beautiful evening on Monday night. We were lucky that we were able to spend it outside at Bunco at Lynne’s house.


IMG 4928

Lynne and Julie hosted a fabulous spring bunco complete with beautiful AND delicious eats! 

IMG 4922

IMG 4923

IMG 4924

IMG 4925

I snacked on everything and finally sat down to pulled pork sliders and salad. Yum!!

IMG 9002

IMG 4927

IMG 4941

Thank you to Lynne and Julie for putting on such a beautiful evening!

Tuesday’s breakfast:

IMG 9007

I dropped the kids off at school and went to Starbucks for a meeting. 

IMG 9012

I had planned on going to the gym but the meeting ran longer than I thought it would, then it was mid-morning and I had a ton of emails to catch up on and knew I’d stress about it until I got home. So I skipped the gym. If I can’t get there first thing in the morning, the chances of me going decrease dramatically.

Lunch was at my desk.

IMG 9014

Turkey sandwich, veggies and ranch. And oldie but a goodie. 

I picked the kiddos up from school and took the dog on a walk. My husband was working late so I made myself some Amazing Salmon and roasted asparagus. 

IMG 9015

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 9016

I took the kids to school, then met some friend at Starbucks in Del Mar. It’s my friend Darci’s birthday and she walked to take a walk on the beach, so away we went. It was cold this morning but when we went to Poseidon for lunch, it turned into a beautiful day!

I split the Ceviche with Alicia. It was damn good.

IMG 9018

I ordered the fish tacos with cole slaw for my entree. 

IMG 9019

Yes, they had Cholula hot sauce. :)

Are you a morning gym person or do you go in the afternoon?

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