144.0...Who Run The World!?!

Who Run The World!?!

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Girls! All of mine came with me last night to the Beyonce concert! 

We all met at Alicia’s house first for dinner and drinks. We enjoyed some cheese, crackers and wine.

IMG 9027

Alicia brought in pasta and salad from Vittorio’s. Guess I never took a picture of it but it was delicious!

We did manage to take some normal photos before things got silly.

IMG 9054

IMG 9038

IMG 9045

IMG 9044

IMG 9065

IMG 9034

Then it was off to the Beyonce concert at Qualcomm Stadium!

IMG 9087

IMG 9085

IMG 9081

IMG 9057

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My take on the concert: I was disappointed. :( While I loved all her costume changes, I didn’t feel like there was anything really exciting besides that. The whole concert was her walking & dancing around with wind machines blowing in her hair and back up dancers following her. All that changed was her attire. I’m not a big fan of her newer music and that was mostly what she did. Not many songs that you’d hope to hear at her concert. Not even “Single Ladies.” Sad.

IMG 9084

I did, however, have a BLAST with all my girls. Memories that will last forever! 

IMG 9076


Rewinding a bit….I didn’t eat dinner on Wednesday night. I had a big lunch that was later in the afternoon and I just wasn’t hungry come dinner time. I picked my son up from basketball practice and called it a night.

Thursday’s breakfast:

IMG 9022

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, veggies and ranch dressing:

IMG 9024

Today’s breakfast was the usual:

IMG 9075

It’s been a definite struggle this morning. With three hours of sleep, I’m not moving very quickly.

I dropped the kids off at school then went a meeting. I met some friends at Sushiya for lunch.

Miso soup:

IMG 9078

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon sushi:

IMG 9079

Lemon Roll and Albacore Crunch Roll:

IMG 9080

Hit the spot. Now I need to hit the bed.

What was the last concert you went to?

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