145.8...Cabo Craziness in Review

I spent seven amazing days in Cabo with my family and our friends, John and Kate and their kids. We arrived at the airport the Sunday before last and started our trip off right.

IMG 8892

Then we spent the next seven days never tiring of this view:

IMG 8656

We immediately put our bathing suits on and soaked up the rest of the Cabo sun for the day.

IMG 8693

Dinner Sunday night were fajitas and all the fixings. The perfect first dinner of our trip.

IMG 8662

IMG 8663

IMG 8664

I have to say that besides great food, the chefs there were quite creative! 

IMG 8665

IMG 8668

IMG 8667

IMG 8673

Yes, my name is spelled wrong but I think it’s just because there were too many letters to fit into the small cucumber glass. :)

Breakfast on Monday was two kinds of chilaquiles, potatoes, beans, turkey bacon and eggs. 

IMG 8677

Quite possibly the best breakfast of all time.

We spent most of the day at the pool, which we dubbed “our office.” 

IMG 8732

 Lunch was ceviche (which somehow escaped my camera) and barbecued chicken. Both were fabulous but the ceviche was outstanding!

IMG 8682

For dinner, the adults went to El Farallon at The Resort at Pedregal. Group shot before leaving for dinner:

IMG 8712

When we arrived at the hotel, we were taken through the most amazing tunnel through the mountain just to get the actual hotel itself. The picture does not do it justice. I cannot imagine how long it took to make this gigantic tunnel! 

IMG 8697

IMG 8900

El Farallon is built right into the cliffs over looking the water. It was so beautiful!! 

Before you arrive at your table, you are invited to visit their champagne bar. How could we say no?

IMG 8703

It was breezy and a bit cold so we were brought ponchos. I wish every restaurant had ponchos! I’m always cold!

Our meals started with tortilla soup. It was heavenly.

IMG 8704

 There were three appetizers to share: ceviche, fish skewers and Greek salad. 

IMG 8706

Each one was amazing but the fish skewers were to die for. Melt in your mouth.

The entrees and side dishes were listed on a chalkboard brought to your table:

 IMG 8937

I went with the tuna. It was ridiculously good. 

IMG 8708

You get to choose two sides with your entree. I went with the grilled asparagus and grilled zucchini with arugula pesto and cotija cheese. Perfection. 

Dessert was churros and donuts with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces. 

IMG 8709

The dessert was the least impressive. Compared to all the other amazing dishes we had, this tasted boring in comparison. 

All in all, El Farallon was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It is SO worth the trip there if you are ever in Cabo!

I know I mentioned earlier that the chilaquiles might possibly be the best breakfast. Well, that was before I had the huevos rancheros on Tuesday morning.

IMG 8710

Mind blown. Favorite breakfast of all time. The ranchero sauce was spicy and everything just went together perfectly.

We spent the day in “our office” and took a break for fish tacos for lunch. There was also chicken tacos but I zeroed in on the fish. 

IMG 8731

 For dinner, we took the kids to Edith’s, one of my favorite restaurants in Cabo.

IMG 8757

IMG 8738

Your meal at Edith’s always starts with a complimentary tostada which I love. 

IMG 8747

You have to order the Caesar salad there. It’s made table side and is my favorite Caesar salad of all time.

IMG 8748

I wasn’t super hungry so I opted for the tuna carpaccio. 

IMG 8749

I’m glad I did…it was fabulous!

I shared a chocolate lava cake with my husband for dessert. 

IMG 8750

Don’t forget the Mexican coffee! They also make that table side and besides the show being impressive, it tastes pretty fabulous too.

IMG 8902

Wednesday’s breakfast was back to chilaquiles!

IMG 8758

At some point, we left our office to have some drinks at The Cabo Surf Hotel. 

IMG 8903

Lunch was chicken enchiladas back at our place. 

IMG 8775

Definitely my favorite lunch of the trip!

We had some drinks at the Esperanza Hotel before dinner. I have recently discovered a new drink that I love: grapefruit martini! 

IMG 8777

IMG 8795

IMG 8907

Things got even more creative with our salads at dinner! 

IMG 8786

IMG 8787

IMG 8788

IMG 8789

Our names in jicama! 

For dinner we had several pizzas:

IMG 8790

IMG 8791

IMG 8792

And stuffed chicken with pasta:

IMG 8794

I couldn’t focus on the pizzas because the pasta and chicken were SO good!

Dessert was a delicious chocolate mousse cake and ice cream. I ate every bite. 

IMG 8796

Thursday’s breakfast were a couple different sopes and eggs. 

IMG 8797

While it was good, it couldn’t hold a candle to my other favorites.

It was another rough day at the office. We were forced to enjoy pina coladas in coconuts.

IMG 8801

IMG 8822

As you can see, were definitely were not having fun. Lol.

I had to have the ceviche again for lunch. Finally you get to see it’s beauty!

IMG 8802

We went to dinner at Nick-San Sushi in downtown Cabo. John and I shared several dishes. 

Tuna Sashimi Serranito:

IMG 8804

Tuna Tostada:

IMG 8805

Salmon, yellowtail and tuna nigiri: 

IMG 8806

Sake Lemon Roll:

IMG 8807

We actually ended up getting two of these because they were SO good!

We were back to my favorite breakfast on Friday. Huevos Rancheros. The absolute best. 

IMG 8813

I have to show you the fruit plate too, even though I didn’t have any. Too beautiful not to share!

IMG 8812

Lunch started out with a caprese type salad:

IMG 8818

Then it was paella time!

IMG 8819

Dessert was flan. Now, I HATE flan. The texture is just simply gross. I’m glad I tried this one though.

IMG 8820

It was much firmer and I actually enjoyed it!

My husband’s brother and his wife were also in town so we met up with them and some of their friends at Edith’s for dinner.

IMG 8824

Standara tostada:

IMG 8825

I loved my meal so much on Tuesday that I repeated it on Friday.

IMG 8826

IMG 8827

Afterwards we went to Mandala Night Club for a bit and then called it a night and headed home. 

IMG 8833

Breakfast on Saturday started with some yumminess.

IMG 8843

I’m not quite sure what it was but it was good. Like a piece of french toast wrapped around berries. 

Huevos Rancheros! 

IMG 8844

Had to do it!

We spent our last day soaking up the sun at “our office.” Lunch was another beautiful salad:

IMG 8848

And those yummy chicken enchiladas again:

IMG 8849

IMG 8850

Our final dinner started with tortilla soup:

IMG 8868

Stuffed chicken, veggies and rice. Fabulous. 

IMG 8869

Even better was the chocolate lava cake for dessert. Insane. 

IMG 8870

Sunday morning we all had breakfast at Esperanza before heading to the airport.

IMG 8924

I ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict and a side of hash browns.

IMG 8871

IMG 8872


Later at the airport, we had our standard Cabo airport fare: Carl’s Jr. I had the chicken tenders and split criss cross fries with my husband.

IMG 8877

Sadly, our family vacation had come to an end. It was so relaxing and full of laughs. I’m ready to do it again! ;)

All wasn’t lost on Sunday night….we went to Alicia’s for dinner. She ordered pizza, wings and salad.

IMG 8878

Not a bad way to come home!

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