146.6...The Piano Man

By Friday night, I was spent. The Beyonce concert really did me in. I’m getting old. I cannot function off that little sleep. Somehow I dragged myself and the kids over to Alicia’s house for dinner. We enjoyed some pizza (like 3 slices) before heading over to my club for Bingo Night.

They had mini cupcakes there. I knew they would make everything all better.

IMG 9092

Well, that and some wine and Pringles. 

IMG 9094

I’m telling you, it did the trick. I felt like a new person. Lol.

I also felt a whole hell of a lot better on Saturday morning after a full night’s sleep. The kids and I went to puppy class to visit our new pup, then to McDonald’s for breakfast. 

IMG 9105

Egg White McMuffin. Really like this!

Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich, veggies and ranch dressing. 

IMG 9110

Then it was time to head off to the Billy Joel concert at Petco Park! Two concerts almost in a row! 

We had dinner at the Lexus Club which was a buffet of all sorts of good stuff. I managed to get most of it on my plate. 

IMG 9112

Then it was time for The Piano Man!

IMG 9124

IMG 9114

IMG 9120

IMG 9127

Unlike Beyonce, Billy Joel gave us exactly what we came for. He played everyone’s favorites and even came out and did an encore of like 4 or 5 songs!! No wind machine, no crazy sparkly bathing suit type outfits, just real music and a real piano. It was great! 

I have to say that things got even better on our drive home….

IMG 9130

In-N-Out. I died. 

Sunday’s breakfast: 

IMG 9133

I really didn’t do much on Sunday. I’m surprised I was able to make lunch.

IMG 9135

Another grilled cheese, veggies and ranch.

My husband had been out of town so we picked him up at the airport and went to Mona Lisa’s in Little Italy for dinner.

Salad with ranch dressing:

IMG 9137

Chicken Piccata (big surprise): 

IMG 9138

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 9139

I took the kids to school, then went to Hardline class at the gym. It was a great workout…I needed it!

I ran a bunch of Monday type errands (groceries, dry cleaning, etc.) then came home for lunch.

IMG 9145

Tuna, veggies and ranch.

When is Friday!?! 

Did you do a lot of cooking over the weekend?

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