Tuesday, March 31, 2015

146.4...Zesty Citrus Chicken

I didn’t get a chance to share my cooking class experience I had at Great News before I left for Cabo. The class was called “Zesty Citrus Chicken” and was taught by Phillis Carey. Each recipe had some sort of citrus element in it and everything was delicious!

The first recipe was Oven-Fried Asian Walnut Crusted Chicken Breasts with Ginger Lemon Sauce:

IMG 1111

Great chicken recipe! The sauce was a bit too sweet for me but that could easily be adjusted. 

The next recipe was Spicy Rubbed Chicken Breasts with Chipotle Orange BBQ Sauce:

IMG 1112

This BBQ sauce was fabulous!!! If you didn’t want the orange flavor, it could be easily left out but it did make for a unique taste! Makes me exciting for summer so I can start grilling outside again.

Next was Pecan Chicken Breasts with Orange Rosemary Sauce:

IMG 1113

The sauce was fabulous! The chicken was good too!

Next up was Thai Green Chicken Curry with Lime Leaves and Fresh Lime Juice:

IMG 1114

This one was my favorite! It was all things that are great about Thai food: spicy, sweet, salty, sour. I can’t wait to make this at home! It was easy too!

Dessert was Lemon, Lime and Orange Cheesecake with Almond Crumb Crust and Strawberry Sauce:

IMG 1115

Really good! Loved the almond crust!

Fast forwarding to yesterday…..breakfast was scrambled egg beaters with salsa and cheddar cheese. 

IMG 1392

I took the kids to school, then went to spin class. It was nice to workout after all those days indulging in Cabo!

I ran some errands then went home for lunch. Tuna salad, celery sticks and pickles: 

IMG 1399

Dinner last night was Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken, brown rice and broccoli. Their Orange Chicken is a staple in my freezer. 

IMG 1400

I threw the leftover broccoli in my eggs this morning. 

IMG 1401

My daughter hates eggs and is disgusted by me every morning. She hates broccoli too. She was more disgusted than ever this morning. 

Right now I’m off to another cooking class at Great News!

What food(s) can you not stand the smell of?  Bananas!!!! 

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break in Cabo

The last four days have been full of laughs, sun, wine and delicious eats. My husband’s company’s trip to Cabo came and went but the memories made will last forever. 

We started our adventure on Wednesday at the airport in San Diego. Before our flight we grabbed some snacks. I opted for fries. Seemed reasonable.

IMG 1119

We arrived in Cabo and made our way to Costco to stock up on stuff for the home we were staying in.

IMG 1120

On the way out we all grabbed lunch. I throughly enjoyed my hot dog.

IMG 1122

We arrived at the house and I immediately felt supreme happiness at our view. 

IMG 1129

It didn’t take much time for us to make ourselves right at home. 

IMG 1140

IMG 1286

We had carne asada and chicken tacos for dinner that night at the house. Epic carne asada for sure. 

IMG 1146

Thursday morning was quite relaxing. 

IMG 1151

Breakfast was French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon.

IMG 1157

More pool time!

IMG 1294

Lunch was fish tacos at the house. They made a mean guacamole for sure!

IMG 1158

We all got into a taxi, clown car style, and headed to the Office for some drinks and snacks.

IMG 1159

IMG 1161

IMG 1211

IMG 1213

IMG 1214

IMG 1313

We had some time before our dinner reservation, so we made our way to The Nowhere Bar for a bit. 

IMG 1216

IMG 1219

IMG 1223

We had a sushi dinner at Nick-San…no photos….the food was moving around the table way too fast honestly. We were like vultures. But know this…it was fabulous. 

Breakfast Friday morning was scrambled eggs, chilaquiles, bacon and pancakes. 

IMG 1222

Some of our group went ATVing, some of us stayed back to enjoy more pool time. 

IMG 1230

We made the right choice. :)

Lunch was grilled chicken, rice and salad. 

IMG 1224

IMG 1232

We got ready to head out to Edith’s for dinner. 

IMG 1366

IMG 1367

We all enjoyed a tostada appetizer: 

IMG 1239

Followed by tuna and beef carpaccio. 

IMG 1240

Of course we had to order Edith’s famous Caesar salad for the table!

IMG 1241

For my entree, I ordered the Baja Style Shrimp. 

IMG 1242

They know how to do seafood in Mexico. 

Breakfast Saturday morning was scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast and the best beans ever. 

IMG 1243

We enjoyed more pool time while some of the guys went golfing. Lunch was hamburgers and fries. 

IMG 1248

Our group headed down to the marinara to enjoy a sunset boat ride. 

IMG 1249

IMG 1250

IMG 1252

IMG 1256

IMG 1257

IMG 1265

IMG 1374

There weren’t as many whale sightings as last year but it was still beautiful nonetheless. 

Dinner was at La Dolce. We had definitely had our fill with Mexican food at that point. The Italian food was a nice change of pace! The table shared a few different pizzas. 

IMG 1271

I ordered Fettuccine with Asparagus and Shrimp in a Rose Sauce.

IMG 1272

Today was our last day in paradise. We enjoyed another breakfast and a bit more pool time before packing and heading to the airport. 

IMG 1386

Lunch was Carl’s Jr. at the airport. This also tasted pretty amazing. :)

IMG 1388

Such an amazing trip for sure. 

IMG 1389

I’m already counting down the days until next year’s trip. 

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