Dramatically Served

Greetings from Pebble Beach!! Joe, Alicia and I arrived Wednesday night and we met up with my husband and other friends for dinner at Sardine Factory.  We shared The Factory’s Famous Cheese Bread (Tillamook cheddar, Romano & Parmesan cheese on toasted sourdough bread):

IMG 1005

Eh. It was ok. Nothing special. 

I ordered the Rack of Lamb (2 bone) for my entree. 

IMG 1006

It’s hard to tell, but the portion size of the lamb was extremely small but the price wasn’t. I was a bit disappointed. I did order a side of Chive Risotto which was delicious. 

IMG 1007

There was an item on the dessert menu that was hard to pass up based upon the description: Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream “Bonbons” ….served Dramatically with Dry Ice. Dramatically huh? I had to see this. 


Yes….it was quite dramatic indeed!!! 

We woke up late on Thursday morning and headed off to The Gallery at Pebble Beach for brunch. I enjoyed the Gallery Grilled Cheese (bacon, tomato, Monterey jack & California cheddar) with garlic rosemary fries.

IMG 1015


Alicia and I joined the boys on the golf course for the day. Not golfing but hanging out in the cart….

IMG 1017

IMG 1016

It was a gorgeous day at Pebble…...

IMG 1022

IMG 1025

IMG 1026

IMG 1028

IMG 1029

IMG 1035

IMG 1040

IMG 1049

Last night we went to Peppers for dinner. Guacamole for everyone:

IMG 1073

I ordered the Prawns Gonzalez (tomatoes, chiles, cilantro, lime juice). The menu said it was “Spicy!” and it was the only thing on the menu that claimed that. 

IMG 1075

It wasn’t spicy at all. :( It was bland actually. But after adding the shrimp to tortillas along with guacamole and tons of hot sauce, it wasn’t half bad. 

Since we were celebrating my husband’s birthday we had to have birthday cake!

IMG 1076

Mexican cake with vanilla ice cream. Nom. 

Breakfast this morning was at The Gallery again. 

IMG 1077

IMG 1078

Eggs Benedict and prosecco. The only way to start your day. 

We enjoyed our view this morning:

IMG 1079

The guys are out golfing again but Alicia and I are staying back to relax for the day. Too bad we have to go home tomorrow….


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