144.6...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I took the kiddos out to Island’s last night for dinner to celebrate the wonderful reports I received in their parent-teacher conferences. I had the Turkey Burger Lite (turkey burger, tomato, lettuce, onion & mustard on a wheat bun) which came with steamed carrots & broccoli. 

IMG 0784

The burger was great..the broccoli was a bit boring. I had a few bites but decided that my kids’ fries tasted better. :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I will celebrate this day by having something green at every meal today. 

IMG 0787

Spinach in my scrambled egg beaters this morning.

Green lettuce for lunch with tuna salad. 

IMG 0791

I went to Cardio Strength class this morning. I really like that class..it kicks your butt!

You know who else is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

IMG 0789


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

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