146.4...Lazy Meals

All the guys went golfing Friday in Pebble Beach while Alicia and I stayed back at the house relaxing. We ordered lunch in from Lalla Grill. We shared some hot wings and the 50/50 Burger (half ground chuck and half Italian sausage, jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, tomato, pickle, lettuce and special sauce on a house-made bun):

IMG 1085

That and some great wine made it an excellent lunch. We disproved there was ice cream in the freezer. 

IMG 1087


We went to dinner that night at Mission Ranch in Carmel. We sat outside on their beautiful patio enjoying some wine. I ordered The Wedge Salad to start:

IMG 1088

I wasn’t super hungry after my fabulous lunch so I just had a bowl of clam chowder:

IMG 1089

Somehow, I wasn’t too full for dessert though! Alicia and I split a Chocolate Martini:

IMG 1090

And I split the New York Cheesecake with my husband:

IMG 1091

We were up bright and early yesterday morning to catch our flight back to San Diego. I grabbed coffee and a Nature Valley bar at the airport for breakfast. 

IMG 1093

Lunch was a turkey sandwich and a salad with ranch dressing at home. 

IMG 1094

Yesterday was spent doing laundry, unpacking and being lazy. Dinner was pasta with jarred marinara. My ultimate lazy dinner. 

IMG 1095

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters with onions, spinach and jack cheese. 

IMG 1096

Both kids had birthday parties to attend so we shuttled them around all morning. Somewhere in the middle, I made a quick lunch:

IMG 1097

Turkey sandwich, chips and pickles. Another one of my lazy meals. 

We are headed over to my sister in law’s house to celebrate my nephew’s birthday soon. A birthday-filled day!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?

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