144.4...Hot Wings on Halloween

After only three (!!) hours of sleep on Thursday night, I somehow got up and moving bright and early Friday morning. Breakfast: 

IMG 5106

I took the kids to school, grabbed a much needed latte at Starbucks and went to Zumba class. I went through the motions in class and somehow survived. 

Lunch was at Sushiya with Alicia. Miso soup:

IMG 5146

Salmon, yellowtail, tuna sushi:

IMG 5148

El Fuego & Spicy Albacore rolls:

IMG 5147

We actually ended up ordering another Spicy Albacore roll. It was that kind of day.

My son had his annual Halloween sleepover with some of his friends Friday night. We ordered Leucadia Pizza. I had a couple slices.

IMG 5149

Eventually it was that glorious time called bedtime. I slept like a rock.

Saturday morning we made the kids pancakes and I had my usual:

IMG 5150

We went to my son’s basketball game then Souplantation for lunch. Salad, chili, pasta and some pizza bread.

IMG 5151

We had Alicia, Joe and their kids over for dinner and trick or treating last night. I made hot wings and Alicia brought salad. I thought the bring orange color of the wings was appropriate for Halloween!

IMG 5153

IMG 5154

We went out trick or treating after dinner. My son dressed as a Clippers player, my daughter was Catwoman and our dog Arnold was a shark.

IMG 5155

She wouldn’t hold still so that’s the best picture I could get. After trick or treating, we went to a friend’s house for a bit before calling it a night.  I loved how Halloween was on a Saturday night! That and moving the clocks back made for a relaxed evening!

We are going to brunch with Alicia and Joe this morning so I had a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats to hold me until then.

IMG 5163

One less day you are forced to look at my usual poached egg breakfast. ;)

Were you able to avoid Halloween candy or did the candy win? I managed to keep it to one piece! So far…..

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