143.6...Birthday Festivities

Tuesday nights are a bit rushed over here. By the time we get home from school, do homework and get to my son’s flag football game, dinner has to quickly get shoved somewhere in the middle of all that. That’s when my beloved freezer comes in handy. I quickly reheated some Souperior Meatloaf, Risotto with Saffron & Quattro Formaggi and asparagus. Boom. Dinner was done.

IMG 5185

Unfortunately, we only made it through half of my son’s game before it got rained out. 

Today is Alicia’s birthday. We love celebrating birthdays over here so we all got together at Morada at the Rancho Santa Fe Inn for a celebratory breakfast.

Before I took the kids to school, I ate a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. I knew I would shrivel up and die if I waited any longer to eat something.

IMG 5186

We all arrived at Morada and let the birthday festivities begin!

IMG 3359

IMG 3357

IMG 3360

IMG 3361

I love the food at Morada. I always like to try something new there so this time I ordered the Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict (Idaho potato cake, garlic sautéed spinach, local citrus hollandaise): 

IMG 5188

How could that not be good!?!

IMG 3362

IMG 3365

IMG 3367

Happy Birthday to the fabulous Alicia!! You are most definitely my partner in crime in all things food, wine, shopping and down-right good times! 

What’s the strangest thing you have in your freezer?

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