144.8...A Spectacular Sunday

I had such a great weekend. Yesterday was especially amazing in the food department. We went with Alicia and Joe to our club for brunch. Everything was outstanding! They had a buffet with all my breakfast favorites. 

IMG 5164

I had an omelet with salsa, ham, cheese and avocado. I also had half a bagel with cream cheese, onion, hard boiled egg and lox. They had this ridiculous hash brown casserole that was out of this world. And to top it all off, I had one of their cinnamon buns loaded with over the top icing. Too bad I ate it before taking a picture. I couldn’t help myself! I must have talked about how fabulous my meal was all day long.

The deliciousness continued yesterday evening. We all went over to Dina’s house for some appetizers before heading back to our club for Burger Night.

Dina put out a couple of delicious appetizers!

IMG 5165

IMG 5166

We headed off to the club for Burger Night. I went with a turkey burger lettuce wrapped with tomato, onion, bacon and chipotle aioli. I also ordered their yummy sweet potato fries. 

IMG 5167

It was truly a day of delicious eats!!! 

As much as I love the time change giving me daylight earlier, the evenings are a bit brutal!

IMG 5168

My friend posted that on Facebook and it’s so true! 

I had to get back on track with the healthy eats this morning.

IMG 5169

After I took the kids to school, I went to spin class at the gym. I ran some errands, went to an appointment, then home for lunch. Turkey sandwich, veggies and ranch dressing:

IMG 5171

Did you have any outstanding eats this past weekend?

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